College Hoops 2K8 - Achievements


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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Upload And Share 30 points: Upload a 2K Share file to the 2K Sports server.
Online Ranked Win 30 points: Play and finish an online Ranked Match and win.
30 Online Ranked Wins 50 points: Accumulate 30 Online Ranked Match wins.
Pontiac Online 20 points: Qualify for the Pontiac Virtual NCAA Final 4 and complete at least one game in the tournament.
Drills Medal 30 points: Earn Gold in any of the drills in the All-American Training Challenge - Singles mode.
Beat Oden 40 points: Beat Greg Oden at all of his drills in All-American Training Challenge - CPU Duel mode.
Drills Domination 50 points: Beat all of the opponents in All-American Training Challenge - CPU Duel mode.
Isomotion Training 30 points: Successfully perform any of the Isomotion moves in Tutorial mode.
ABL Win 30 points: Play and win an ABL game in Open or Career Legacy.
Over .500 30 points: Finish a season in Career Legacy with a winning record.
Fan Support 30 points: Finish a season in Career Legacy with at least 90 Average Attendance.
Top Recruit 50 points: Sign a recruit ranked Top 10 in the nation in Career Legacy.
Job Offer 30 points: Receive a coaching job offer from a school in a Power Conference in Career Legacy.
Conference Champion 40 points: Win a conference tournament championship in Career Legacy.
National Champion 50 points: Win a National Championship in Legacy mode Open or Career.
Play Designer 30 points: Create and Save a custom Playbook using Play Designer.
Custom Chants 30 points: Create and save a custom Chant using Chant Creator.
Buzzer Beater 30 points: Win a game with a buzzer beater shot.
At The Line 30 points: Shoot over 85 from the FT line with any team. Minimum of 15 FT attempts.
Glass Domination 30 points: Out rebound the opponent by at least 15 with any team.
On Fire 30 points: Make 5 consecutive 3PT shots in a game with any team.
Comeback 30 points: Start the 2nd half down by at least 15 points and win the game with any team.
Swat Team 30 points: Block at least 10 shots with any team.
Defense 30 points: Hold the opponent to 35 shooting or below with any team.
Double Double 40 points: Get a double-double with any player.
Triple Double 40 points: Get a triple-double with any player.
'07 Ohio State vs Florida 30 points: Win this 2007 Championship matchup as either '07 Ohio State or '07 Florida. MOP difficulty.
'79 Indiana St vs Michigan St 30 points: Win this 1979 Championship matchup as either '79 Indiana State or '79 Michigan St. MOP difficulty.
'88 Kansas vs Oklahoma 30 points: Win this 1988 Championship matchup as either '88 Kansas or '88 Oklahoma. MOP difficulty.
Pontiac Tournament Offline 20 points: Complete and win a Pontiac NCAA Tournament. Must play all games as the same school without simulating.

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