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Various Cheats

DOS version: Type any of the following "Codes" at either the SinglePlayer or Network Selection screen followed by Enter. Then once you're in the game press C:

Code Effect
speed471 Speed Up Network Play
worker902 Buy Worker Whenever
gangster822 Convert Workers Into Gangsters Whenever
weapons473 Buy Any Weapon
tenants127 Select Any Tenant at Any Time
fences673 Build Any Fence Whenever
loans039 Borrow Any Amount of Money From the Bank
estates131 Buy Any Estate Withouts Limits
houses738 Select Any House At Any Time
build909 Control When Placing Houses to Build Instantly
actions674 Use All Undesirable Actions on Easy Level
gadgets337 Build Every Gadget
missions824 Use AltI to Toggle Missions On/Off
complain840 Turn Complaints Off by Press AltC
cadets552 Supply Police Cadets and Mod Bribes by Pressing AltP and AltM
teams418 Change Your Teams in SinglePlayer Mode
map751 Play Any Map with Any Number of Players

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