Crash Bandicoot 2 - Saved Games All levels unlocked with gems and crystals


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Saved Games All levels unlocked with gems and crystals

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Colored Gems

Here's how to get all the colored gemsTurtle Woods Blue: Get no boxes.Snow Go Red: Look at secret warps get the one for Snow Go.The Eel Deal Green: Go past the dead end in the Nitro box filled room.Plant Food Yellow: Get no boxes and beat the timer.BeeHauling Purple: Go up the stairs of Nitro boxes.

Extra Lives

In the second warp room go to the barking bear and jump on him until 10 extra lives come out of him. This can only be done once.

Hidden Warps

Bear Down: The small ice float at the end of the stage.Air Crash: The 2nd river don't jetski but jump on the boxes to the platform.Unbearable: When the cub bucks you off go back until you see him again.Hangin' Out: When you drop down a hole into some eelless water go into the foreground and drop down the hold.Diggin' it: Near the end there is a spitter plant on a circular platform. Bellyflop onto it.

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