Crow: City of Angels - Debug Mode


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Debug Mode

To get the coordinates on the screen enter the following at the password screen: Square X Square Circle Triangle Triangle Circle Square X Square

FMV Select

To view all the FMV sequences enter the following code at the password screen: Triangle Triangle Circle Cirlce Circle Circle Circle Circle Triangle Triangle

Level Passwords

Level Password
Pier Triangle X Triangle Triangle Circle Square Triangle Square X Circle
Boat X X X X Triangle Square X X X Circle
Tomb Triangle Circle Triangle Circle Square Triangle Triangle Circle X Circle
Grave X Triangle X Triangle Square X X Triangle Square Circle
Church Triangle Triangle Triangle Triangle Circle Square Triangle Square Square Circle
Day O Dead X Triangle X TriangleSquare Circle Circle X Square Circle
Club Triangle Circle Triangle Circle Circle Triangle X Circle Square Circle
Tower X X Circle X Square Square X Triangle Triangle Circle
Boarder Land Triangle X X X Circle Square Triangle Square
Finale X X X Circle Square Square X Triangle Circle

Long Neck Mode

Password: X Circle Triangle Circle Square Square Triangle Circle X Circle

Skinny Mode

Password: Triangle Triangle X Square Circle Circle Square X Triangle Triangle

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