Daigasso Band Brothers - Pro bonuses


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Pro bonuses:
Complete all studio recordings in special event mode to unlock pro mode and pro edit mode. You can input your own music scores in pro edit mode. Successfully complete level 5 in Pro Studio Recording mode to be able to use Band Play songs in single play mode.

Unlock Abarenbou Shougun Theme and Gmen'75 theme:
Play a song in the multiplayer mode. Only one DS need to have a Band Brothers game card for it to work, however anyone who has the card should receive the two songs. They will both appear in the "TV songs" section.

Unlock Barbara the Bat Song:
Clear pro-level recording 5.

Unlock Recording Ticket Gold:
Beat level 5 in pro-recording studio.

Hidden songs:
Play a linked game with another Nintendo DS to unlock the the Abarenbou Shougun Theme and Gmen '75 Theme in the "TV Songs" category in the Japanese version of the game.

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