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FAQ/Walkthru v0.85

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Weapon Trick

When you kill an enemy with a powerful weapon quickly go to the menu and switch to a less powerful weapon you want to build up.
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Sun Sword

To get the powerful Sun Sword, complte Toto's house, which requires Toto, Golem,totam pole, and the handle. At the event, Golem will turn himself into the Sun Sword. After a couple of Synthespheres, the Sun Sword is unstoppable

Quick Weapon Upgrade

In order to quickly upgrade your weapons without using power up powders and fighting enemys with your weak weapon the one you want to upgrade Simply kill the monster with your strongest weapon then right before the enemy vanishes swicth to the weapon you want upgraded and the Abs will go to that weapon.

Get the Chronicle Sword

To get the Chronicle Sword first get the chopper dagger. Then upgrade into a gold dagger. I dont no the name. Then,upgrade it into the maneater. after upgrade it again into the Atlamillia Sword. then upgrade it one more time and you'll end up with the cronicle sword. it is the second best sword in the game This sword will take a while to get.

7th Heaven Sword

To get the extremely powerful 7th Heaven Sword you should start with the Serpent Sword, then upgrade it to the Evilcise Sword. After that upgrade it to the Drain Seeker Sword. Upgrade that to the Dark Cloud Sword. Finally you can upgrade it to the 7th Heaven Sword. The sword has a max attack power of 240, with End and Sp of 99, amd Mp of 110. It takes alot of work to get, but it's accomplished easily by going to the back levels of the dungeons.

No Antidotes?

Well you may know that antidotes are hard to come by, this code is simple but valuable. If you get poisoned without a antidote drink but you do have a stamina drink, go into a nearby pool and drink the stamina drink, then wait until your stamina is gone and you're cured

Abs & Power-Up Powder

If you are high on Abs and want to use Power-Up Powder without losing your Abs, simply go to the Item sub-menu and drag the Power-Up Powder to the weapon, it will ask for attachment confirmation. Check your weapon in the Weapon sub-menu and it will still have it's previous amount of Abs

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