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A Friend in Need (Bronze)
Objective:Revive another player outside the tutorial

Arkhunting (Bronze)
Objective:Complete your first minor arkfall

Arkhunting Party (Bronze)
Objective:Complete your first major arkfall in the Bay Area

Arkhunting Safari (Bronze)
Objective:Complete 10 major arkfalls in the Bay Area

Bit of an EGO (Bronze)
Objective:Earn your first perk

Brain Surgeon (Bronze)
Objective:Kill 50 players with headshots

Broom Closet (Bronze)
Objective:Complete the Soleptor Excavation co-op map

Call Me Psycho (Bronze)
Objective:Complete the Island of Lost Soldiers co-op map

Chasing Shadows (Bronze)
Objective:Capture 50 points in Shadow War

EGOtistical (Bronze)
Objective:Reach EGO Rating 500

Everyone Will Die (Bronze)
Objective:Complete Act 4

Executive Wash Room (Bronze)
Objective:Complete a daily contract for Von Bach Industries

Freight Magnate (Bronze)
Objective:Win 10 matches in Freight Yard

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (Bronze)
Objective:Complete the Motherlode co-op map

High Speed Pursuit (Bronze)
Objective:Complete 15 pursuits in the Bay Area

Holy Shtako! (Bronze)
Objective:Complete the tutorial

Hot Pursuit (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 5 pursuits in the Bay Area

Individual Pursuit (Bronze)
Objective: Complete your first pursuit in the Bay Area

Key to Paradise (Bronze)
Objective: Increase reputation with Von Bach Industries, Soleptor Enterprises, Top Notch Toolworks and Echelon

Monolithic Landmark (Bronze)
Objective: Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

Not Bad at All (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Commandeer Cronkhite co-op map

Office in Back (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a daily contract for Top Notch Toolworks

Overdosing (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Liberate the Lost co-op map

Powerful EGO (Bronze)
Objective: Completely upgrade an EGO Power

Private Booth (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a daily contract for Soleptor Enterprises

Pursuit of Excellence (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 20 pursuits in the Bay Area

Pursuit of Happiness (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 10 pursuits in the Bay Area

Save Your Ganchis (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Explosions 101 co-op map

Secure Channel (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a daily contract for Echelon

Seven Days a Week (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 4 weekly contracts

Skruggin' Ark Core (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Act 1

Stargazer (Bronze)
Objective: Win 10 matches in Observatory

Stroking Your EGO (Bronze)
Objective: Completely upgrade a perk

Super Excited (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Scrapworks Salvage co-op map

That Hagisi Lied (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Act 3

Upper Echelon (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 100 players

Vehicular Manslaughter (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 25 players by running them over

Wharfie (Bronze)
Objective: Win 10 matches in Waterfront

Who... Are You? (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Act 5

Wrong Hands (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Act 2

Abundance of EGO (Silver)
Objective: Earn 50 perks

Calculated Killer (Silver)
Objective: Kill 10,000 enemies

EGO Maniac (Silver)
Objective: Completely upgrade 25 perks

Good Cardio (Silver)
Objective: Swim a total of 1 kilometer

Widely Regarded (Silver)
Objective: Get max reputation with Von Bach Industries, Soleptor Enterprises, Top Notch Toolworks and Echelon

Yeeeeeeehaaaaawww! (Silver)
Objective: Jump a total of 5 kilometers with vehicles

EGOcentric Arkhunter (Gold)
Objective: Reach EGO Rating 2500

Shoot to Skill (Gold)
Objective: Max out one weapon skill

Wait For It... (Gold)
Objective: Equip your first legendary weapon

Legend of Defiance (Platinum)
Objective: Complete all other trophies

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