Descent: FreeSpace 2 - Guide v211


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Guide v2.11

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by Tim Wuyts

Various Cheats

During gameplay type hold and press any of the following. Note that you cannot advance with cheats enabled:C Send message to enemies
Shift C Toggle availability of countermeasures for all ships
K Kill target
Shift K Destroy targeted subsystem
Alt K 10 damage to yourself
I Invulnerability
Shift I Toggle invulnerability for target
O Toggle Descentstyle physics
Shift W Infinite Weapons for ALL ships including yours
W Infinite weapons for just YOUR ship
G Mark all primary goals complete
Shift G Mark all secondary goals complete
Alt G Mark all bonus goals complete
9 Scroll forward through all secondary weapons
Shift 9 Scroll backward through all secondary weapons
0 Scroll forward through all primary weapons
Shift 0 Scroll backward through all secondary weapons
R Issue a rearm request for target

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