Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days

Game Cheats:

Axel (Akutare) mode:
To unlock Axel mode, at the main menu, highlight the "New Game" option, then press TRIANGLE, SQUARE, C CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, X. In the Japanese version, highlight the "New Game" option at the main menu, then press TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE.

To unlock Magichange, beat Axel mode, then start a new game session in Adell mode.

Land Of Carnage:
To unlock Land Of Carnage, collect all 16 Treasure Maps from the pirates in
Item World.

Unlimited Magichange turns:
To get unlimited turns for Magichange, throw a character back in the base panel.
Unlockable Characters:

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Asagi - Unlock Asagi's map with 33 felonies, 100 mana, then defeat her, and pass her bill as a senator in a New Game+.
Asagi (humanoid) - Raise Asagi's level to 2,000, and pass her bill as a senator.
Flonne - Unlock Extra Stage 8 with 40 hours or more of game play time. Then during Episodes 12-13, defeat Flonne.
Gordon - Unlock Extra Stage 4, and pass Gordon's bill after completing it.
Laharl - Unlock Flonne, then pass Flonne's bill as a senator, and successfully complete Extra Stage 9.
Mao - Unlock Mao's stage after unlocking Champloo, Raspberyl, and the Land Of Carnage.
Marjoly - Unlock Extra Stage 7 with 99 felones and 1,500 mana. Defeat Marjoly, then pass her bill.
Mr. Champloo - Unlock Mr. Champloo's stage with 50 hours or more of game play time and completing Axel mode.
Preire - Unlock Extra Stage 6 with 66 felonies and 100 mana. Then, defeat Priere during Episode 1-9, and pass her bill.
Prism Red - Pass the five Prism Rangers bills when Adell is a Sentator, then pass his bill a second time.
Raspberyl - Unlock Raspberyl's stage after completing thirty Dark Sun stages and unlocking Mr. Champloo.
Sabre Kitties - Beat Axel mode 1-2.
Vyers (Mid-Boss) - Unlock Extra Stage 5 with 20 hours of game play time and 400 mana. Complete Vyers' stage in Episode 1-9. Reach the stage again during the next playthrough, and pass his bill.
Zetta - Unlock Extra Stage 11 with ten Dark Sun stages completed and 3,000 mana. Beat the map, then pass Zetta's bill.

Unlockable Classes:
Unlock the following classes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Archer - Reach level 5 Bow Mastery with any character.
Beast Tamer - Capture a monster.
Celestial Host - Beat Axel mode 3-3.
Chaos Soldier - Beat the game.
Disgaea Ronin - Have a saved game file from Disgaea - Afternoon Of Darkness.
Druid - Execute a 500+ Geo combo.
Entei Monster Class - Beat Axel mode 2-3.
Female Ninja - Reach level 5 Fist and Staff Mastery with any character.
Female Samurai - Have a saved game file from Disgaea - Afternoon Of Darkness.
Gunner - Reach level 5 Gun Mastery with any character.
Heavy Knight - Reach level 3 Spear Mastery with any character.
Magic Knight - Reach level 3 Sword and Staff Mastery with any character.
Male Ninja - Reach level 5 Fist and Sword Mastery with any character.
Mass Produced Kurtis - Beat Extra Stage 4.
Samurai - Reach level 5 Sword Mastery with any character.
Sinner - Become a criminal with any character.

Unlockable Endings:
Unlock the following alternate endings by performing the corresponding tasks:

Axel (Akutare) - Get defeated by Axel (Akutare).
Bad - Have Adell get 10+ felonies and kill an ally 50+ times.
Etna - Defeat Etna in Chapter 3.
Laharl - Defeat Laharl in Chapter 11.
Middle Boss - Defeat the Mid-Boss before Chapter 4.
Tink - Defeat the Final Boss with level 1,000 Tink.
Worst - Have Adell get 99+ felonies, kill an ally 99+ times, and Rozalin (Rossary) ally-killed by Adell.

Level 3 in the Caves of Ordeal:
This level has level 150 monsters, an aura that decreases your stats by more than half, Geo Panels that disallow you to throw, and warps. They will usually cast Super Egg, which will damage your characters if they are grouped together or alone. create a White Dragon class monster. Their aura effect is immunity to non-Special (Element) Attribute Attacks. Because Super Egg is a physical Attribute Attack, the White Dragon class monster should be immune to the attack, thus losing no HP unless they physically attack you. Make at least three to five White Dragons, leveling them up to about level 100 to 125 to complete this level. Otherwise, level up Adell and his gang to at least level 120, dealing them the hard way. It is also recommended that you have at least two to three high level Beast Tamer human class to help the White Dragon class monster in Attack, Defense, Magic, and EXP. After killing all the "white chicken" monsters, bring out your main characters. Do not destroy the Warp Geo Panel, located near the No Throw Geo Panel, which is found on the sides of the "red chicken" monster. Let it warp you to the near top end where the "red chicken" monster is located. Move your characters in the panels that have no Geo Panel, then either throw a White Dragon or your main characters up there and finish the stage.

Napoleon Dynamite easter egg:
In Axel mode, Axel will learn a move called Love Dynamite. The description reads "I voted for Pedro", of course referring to Napoleon's friend who was running for class president.

The Lord Of The Rings easter egg:
The Elven Bow's description states that it was used by an elf in a quest to destroy a ring, referencing Legolas and the One Ring.

Quickly gaining felonies for party:
Usually only one character can move into the dark court panel in the item world. However, as long as all the characters move onto the panel in a single action, they all get the felony. The easiest way to do this is to have a number of human characters magichange with monsters and have the human characters pick each other up. After that, have the bottom character throw the others onto the dark court panel. Keep in mind that only up to 9 characters can be entered into the dark court this way, since the bottom character has to throw the others. All characters will get the felonies, but the dialogue of the prinny judge is determined by the character at the bottom of the stack.