Double Dragon IV

Double Dragon IV


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Unlocking Tower Mode:
When you complete the game by defeating the boss in Mission 12 you will unlock the survival mode called 'Tower'.

Unlock More Characters for 2-Player Duel Mode:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character for 2-Player Duel mode.

Abobo and Burnov:
Complete Mission 6 of Story mode.

Casey and Shannon:
Beat Floor 25 in Tower mode.

Chin Taimei:
Complete Mission 7 of Story mode.

Complete Mission 5 of Story Mode

Double Dragon 1 Jimmy Lee:
Beat Floor 35 in Tower mode.

Jake and Ashida:
Complete Mission 12 of Story mode.

Kodani and Jake:
Complete Mission 10 of Story mode.

Linda and Linda M.:
Complete Mission 3 of Story mode.

Complete Mission 4 of Story mode.

Mysterious Warrior:
Beat Floor 40 in Tower mode.

Right Arm:
Complete Mission 8 of Story mode.

Complete Mission 2 of Story mode.

Sonny, Chin Seimei, and Yagyu Ranzou:
Beat Floor 30 in Tower mode.

Complete Mission 1 of Story mode.

Yamazaki and Soeno:
Complete Mission 9 of Story mode.

Level Select:
At the 'Title' screen press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Circle(2), X, Start to unlock stage selection. Note: You will only be able to select the stages you have already completed.

7 continues 1 player:
Choose 2 player b mode and defeat player 2. You can now play 1 player mode with 7 continues instead of 5.

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