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Cheat Codes:
Follow these steps to enable the cheat console.
Locate the game’s main folder.
(for example: C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Kalypso Media\Dungeons 3\)
Note: To find it easier – Hit the windows key and search
%appdata% then navigate to ./Kalypso Media\Dungeons 3\config.cfg

In this directory there is a document "config.cfg2.
Open this file with Notepad and add the following entry:

Debug.EnableCheats = True

This will enable the cheat console.

Press ` or ~ tilde (the key above TAB) in game to bring up the cheat menu.

Basic Guide on What Creatures Do:
This guide tells you the strengths and weaknesses of all the troops in the game. It will also say about how these troops work and good combinations to use in battle.

Thalya is a key troop that will be essential throughout the campaign, whether
it's the very high damage output for early in the game, special interactions
with objects or the fact that the final level is literaly impossible (to my
knowledge) without her.

At the start of every mission, she is level 1 and cannot gain experience EVER. The only way to improve her is by spending evilness and lots of gold to increase her damage and helth, plus give her a new ability (availble from mission 2 so not a spoiler). Her basic attack is ranged and does a lot of damage, particularly early game. Back her up with 2 of each type of normal horde creatures and this will crush through many enemies. She also has 2000 health at level 1

Her special ability unlocked straight from the start is fire bomb. This attack
even when not upgraded will take nearly half the health off basic enemies and it deals splash damage that does not drop off from the impact. The only problem is how long it takes to fire and then reach its target. If you aren't careful when using it, the enemies will just move out the radius when they rush to attack your creatures.Also, the AI has an annoying tendancy to not use the power of it properly. It will just fire it directly at the location where the closest enemy was when it got in range, without trying target prediction or hitting as many enemies at once. This means that despite the large area of effect it will just miss any melee enemies if you let the AI use it. You can override the ability provided that the fireball has not left Thalya's hand, but beware, the moment an enemy that fights back is in range and the skill is availble (and Thalya doesn't have other orders) the AI will use the ability.

As for her other ability, summon shadows, unlocked at level 4, I personally
don't see it as hugely valuble. Yes, its quite a nice, useful ability to have, but not worth spending lots of gold and evilness to get. And yes, I
mean lots. One of the best things about Thalya is that she is availible at
the start of every mission and can deal with a couple of basic threats all
by herself. She is also the only non-demon troop that has passive regeneration,like the demons she must not be hurt for a while before it will start, but it is much slower than demon regen. Don't expect her to be able to deal with many of these basic threats before she dies. If she does die, she will resurect after a while (yay) and this can be sped up with gold.
This costs 100x Thalya's level.

Horde Creatures (Combat):
Horde creatures are undeniably the strongest and tankiest regular troops.
It is entirely feasable to beat most levels with only horde creatures. On
the other hand, death is permanant for them without a very late game technology

Orcs embody everything I mentioned above about horde creatures. They do pretty good damage even at level 1, and have enough health and armor to be tanks early game. With the support of nagas and Thalya, they will kill very efficiently. With some mid game tech, they can become ironhides that have insane armor and the taunt ability that means weaker front line units like zombies and banshees will not be hurt as much, though the gunner enemies are still a problem for said units.

To start with, I am glad that basic goblins actually serve a purpose in combat in this game. Goblins have the lowest health of the horde creatures, but they do lots of damage, unlike in the predessesor to this game. They also have the inconspicous trait, meaning they are the lowest priority target for enemies even when they are being hacked apart by one. They can be used to assassinate back line enemies during a battle like novices or wardens and their upgraded versions. However, if this way of fighting doesn't work for you, you can instead get gob-o-bots that have an area of effect attack and higher health.They lose the inconspicous trait however. The goblin won't even die with the mech. They get ejected and can either continue fighting as a normal goblin (with the inconspicous trait) or retreat and pick up a new mech at the hideout.

Nagas are the healers of the horde. They have lower hp than orcs but higher than goblins, but their attack is terrible. They aren't availble with orcs and goblins, instead having an entirely different research for them. A naga will heal a target constantly if near an injured horde creature, converted hero or Thalya until they are at full health or move out of range, however, they will never heal themselves unless ordered to. To avoid annoying micromanagement I would advise always having at least 2, and you are unlikely to need more than that unless you spam horde creatures. Nagas also cannot move without stopping healing unless pushed by other creatures. Unlike the other two main horde creatures, they do not have an upgraded form.

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