Dynasty Warriors 3 - Multiple Codes


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Multiple Codes

All Shu Generals -press WHITE, BLACK, X, Y, WHITE, R, L, BLACK at the main menu. You will hear a sound if entered Correctly.

Opening Edit - press X, Black, Y,White, L, R, White, White, at the main menu. Listen for a sound.

BGM Test option - Press L,White, Y, R, White, Black, X, Y, at the main menu. You should hear a sound

In-game reset

Press Start Back during game play. Note: This only works in certain screens.

Secret ending

Enter the options screen from the main menu and select the "opening edit"option. Highlight the "replay" selection, Then hold LR and press A.

Unlock Lu Bu

To unlock Lu Bu, play Musuo Mode and get over 1,000 KOs in Huo Lou Gate. Make sure you defeat all the officers. An easy way is to put the difficulty on easy, and stand near gates that have a lot of units pouring out. Also, put your body guards on Defense.

Get Taishi Ci

Play in wu territory but go to conditions first and it doesn't say Taishi Ci as a genearl,so skip him and kill the other generals about 15 mins left or so you will see him surrend to sun Ce then he will on your side then finish the level and you could pick him in free mode or muso mode

Sun Ce's 4th weapon

First off on the "Assault on Wu Territory" pick Sun ce's forces.When the battle starts,fight your way to Taishi Ci.Pass him,and do not kill him yet.Kill the main general a little ways behind him,and come back.Now pass him once more and head to the next general who stands to the east.Kill him and a message saying "A special Item has been discovered" will appear.Return to that point to find the weapon.It will be in a red item bagYou can then do whatever you want to finish the level. Note: The game must be on the Hard mode to work

Get Lu Bu

To get Lu Bu, you must kill 1,000 enemies at the battle of Hu Lao Gate

Secret Ending

Enter the options screen from the main menu and select the "opening edit" option.Highlight the "Replay" selection: then hold L1 L2 R1 and press x

Find Special Items

When you enter a level, Just play the level for awhile. Try to help your friends and getalot of kills. Then on the screen will show you where the special item is. But alot of times you don't see it because you are to busy or something. So just look in your history and Flip down ental you find it. It will tell you the exect location of the item.Also try killing all the officers first and leave the last bose for the end. This code works in some leaves not all but must of them.

4th Weapons

The only way to obtain your character's 4th weapon is by performing certain things during a certain level "MUST BE ON HARD" NOTE:Most levels are when your character plays a main part

LU BU: Dong Zhou's side Play battle at Hu Lao Gate and kill the supply unit, afterwards he should leave you a weapon box this box will contain the "SKY SCORCHER"

Zhao Yun: Sun Quan side Play battle at Chang Ban and kill all other generals besides Cao Cao and Zhang Liao, then kill Zhang Liao, afterwards a message should come up that says "supply unit has appeared" go and take out the supply unit, after that he should leave you a weapon box containing the "Fierce Dragon"

Zhiang Wei: SHU side Play battle at Jie Ting and play until the supply unit appears then go kill then collect the weapon box from the supply unit which will contain the "BLINK"

Get Guan Yu's 4th Weapon Blue Moon Dragon

Be Guan Yu and play at Guan Yu's Escape. After you defeat Zhen Ji or Xu Huang I don't remember a supply unit will appear. Kill the supply unit and he will leave behind a weapon box that contains Guan Yu's ultimate weapon, the "Blue Moon Dragon".

Gan Ning's 4th Weapon

This can be done in free mode or in musou mode but in free mode it has to be on hard. Pick the He Fei stage and be on the Wu side, then wait for Tai Shi Ci's death event and by the 2 gates by Cao Cao, the supply team will appear soon.

Cao Cao's 4th weapon

To get cao cao's 4th weapon, you must go to the yellow turban rebellion and choose han's side. Right when you start, head directly to Zhang Bao at the top of a small mountain on the east side. Defeat him then defeat Zhang Liang at the opposite side. You cannot defeat any other generals while doing this or you will have to restart. Also the weapon has an instant death attack so anyone who comes near dies except for generals

item: fire arrows and power scroll

To get the fire arrows, choose the battle of chi bi and wait till Zhuge Liang activates the wind and hear Zhou yu say "Zhuge Liang...he is a devil." Then go defeat Xiahou dun and Zhang he. After a message will com up saying a mystery item discovered. It will appear around the area of cao cao. To get the power scroll, defeat gan ning on the levelhe fei

Never Lose Weapon Deadloks

To never lose the weapon dedlocks get a turbo control and when it happens have the turbo on and hold down the square till itz over youll never lose not even in hard mode.

Get LU BU Easier

First go to Hu Lao Gate Stage and use Dian Wei. begin the stage on Cao Cao's attack route and run past like 3 enemy platoons and have them chase u till your out of range of any friendly troops that will take your valuable K.O.'s and turn around and kill em continue this till u get to hu lao gate u should have 400 to 600 kills when u ram your way through the gate kill Diao Chan and Li Jue so nothing is in your way and dont go around killing gate captains cuz they'll bring more troopz 2 kill finally when youve had your fill of kill go and kick da crap out of the remaining gate capn's and finally Dong Zhuo

Kill Generals Easier

To Kill Generals or Bosses is to never let them attack. If u ever get a General or boss in the air and u have your 2nd weapon or higher don't hold back use S,S,S,S,T then do not press the T a second time so you hit him high in the air but wait like a half second and use it again. continue as many times as you can cuz u get better shields or swords after they die. It works better when there's no annoying bow men, sergeants, majors, or other annoying generals 2 mess your move connecting. GOOD LUCK

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