The Elder Scrolls Online


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Buying Gear:
It is advised that you avoid wasting your gold on buying gear early in the game as it is overpriced and you will frequently get gear as quest rewards and dungeon drops anyway. Instead invest you gold on a mount and upgrades for it. Also, buy a larger bag so you can carry more loot.

Extra Lockpicks:
Make sure you have a few extra lockpicks with you when you are exploring as you tend to find chests in the most random spaces and they are easy to loot once you get good at the lockpicking minigame.

Magic Attacks:
If you decide to invest only in magic attacks for your character the attacks they use will become more effective while their weapon attacks will become less and less effective. If you try to invest in both types of attributes both types of attacks will only become moderately effective.
Getting Gold:
The best way to get gold early in the game is by stealing items and fencing them. As the game progresses you should consider getting into a trading guild as this will enable you to sell everything you don't want.

Selecting Character:
When you select a race and class you need to ensure that you choose one that suits your play syle and the weapons you want to use. If you want to use bows or melee weapons then your selection should be based on stamina and if you want to use staves then it should be on magicka. Any class can be stamina or magicka based but if you try to mix the two attributes you will weaken them both and end up becoming weaker and weaker vs NPC's as you level up instead of becoming stronger.

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