Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

How defeat God on Epic:
While the ultimate goal is to defeat God, our secondary goal is to keep everybody alive. Why? To take advantage of the buffs God gives you. Every turn, each party member, including those in backup, will gain a 20% increase to all stats, including HP, up to a maximum of 95% increased stats. Of course, if you've made it this far on Epic, you already understand the importance of buffs and debuffs.

This is why we want to keep our heroes alive. If they die (and they don't auto-revive), they lose all of their buffs, and have to slowly regain their buffs overtime. This is extremely bad, as they will be much more susceptible to damage, and the further along the battle you are, the more damage God will deal. At this point, if a hero has died and lost their buffs, they will keep on dying over and over as they will be too weak to survive damage from God.

Everything we do in this fight is in order to survive, not to deal damage. That is why all of our gear is focused on defense, and we prioritize healing and reviving over dealing damage. In time, you will defeat God through shear will. This is how I beat God, and this is how you can beat him too.

A lot of luck is also needed as well in this fight, but there's not much I can do about that. Not a lot a player can do when you get hit by a Star Blast, Dispelled, and then beaten to death with God's next attack.

There are two very important summons that you must have, otherwise you will not win. They are: Red Flybot and Angel Mirror.

Red Flybot is important to invert the buffs that God uses. God will occassionaly use his Defensive buff, gaining 100% increased Defence and Magic Defence, Bless, and Guard. He will also fairly rarely boost his attack, gaining 100% increased Attack and Magic Attack. It is very important to invert these buffs whenever he gets them, especially when he boosts his attack. If you let him boost his attack and you unluckly get hit with one of his AOE attacks, either his Star Blast or his Hyper Beam, your heroes will die, or at least survive on extremely low health.

Note: you can try to Dispel him, but he does have a 50% resistance to Dispel. It doesn't seem too bad, until he boosts his attack and you try to Dispel him, but he resists it, and then he party wipes you.

Red Flybot is 100% guaranteed to invert
The other mandatory summon is Angel Mirror. If you understand what Angel Mirror does, then you'll quickly understand why it is so important. Just like the previous 4 bosses, God can use a limit break. There's nothing much to worry about however, since he gives you one turn to do whatever you need to do to survive.

When God reaches his limit break, he will always launch a Spirit Bomb into the air the next turn, and then end his turn. This is very important to understand because God does two attacks whenever he gets a turn, except for when using his limit break. Use this to your advantage.

When God launches the Spirit Bomb, now is the time to use Angel Mirror. The Spirit Bomb will wipe out your front party if it hits, no questions. Even with 95% HP and 95% Magic Defence buff, it does an absurd amount of damage. You have to use Angel Mirror to survive.

Now, Spirit Bomb will still hit your guys in the back, but they will only take half damage, so they'll usually survive on around 50% health if they have the 95% buffs. They'll be fine.

However, there's another problem. God still hasn't taken his turn yet. Which means after the Spirit Bomb hits you, he will then proceed to attack you two times as usual. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but remember, now you're taking 100% more physical damage. At this point, it pretty much all comes down to luck. You just need to hope that he attacks your guys at random, and none of them die.

The best way to survive this is to have the person with the Target Flair (Matt) use Guard, and cast Revive on him so he'll have auto-revive status. This way, if God uses his single attacks (which he normally does), everyone will survive.

After the Spirit Bomb, everything is back to normal, so just proceed as usual.

Summary: Invert God's buffs with Red Flybot, and especially invert his attack buffs. If he Guards first turn, and then eats Bacon the next turn, it is still better to Invert his attacks and let him gain back some of his armor.

When God launches his Spirit Bomb into the air, you want to use Heavenly Mirror to defend against it, However, he'll still attack you with physical attacks after it, so you want the person with the Target badge (Matt) to Guard, and then cast auto-revive on him.

Remember, your main goal is to not have anybody die, otherwise they will lose their 95% buffs, and the fight will become much more difficult.

God Overview:
God's moveset is pretty limited, but the damage is very high, so it's extremely dangerous. God is similar to the Poseidon fight in that he grows stronger the more damage he takes.

His attacks are all non-elemental damage, so luckily we don't have to worry about any elemental resistances. We are free to wear any kind of equips we want to. However, he does have a mix of physical and elemental attacks.

Because God is a cat, his moveset is similar to NoLegs. He uses Normal Attacks, Swift Slash, Final Cutter, Blade Blitz, and Natalie's Star Shower as his normal moves. It's important to note however that Star Shower has a chance to inflict Confusion, so beware.

God will also rarely use NoLeg's Star Blast, which does very high AOE damage and can Dispel (very dangerous) and Lance's Hyper Beam, which does an extremely high amount of AOE damage, usually leading to a party wipe if you aren't prepared for it (also very dangerous).

The lower on health he gets (as you can tell by him crying, similar to Poseidon), his moves become much more dangerous. They deal much more damage, and they last much longer. God's Final Cutter move can do upwards to 9 swings when on low health.

He also launches his Spirit Bomb as a limit break and he occasionally buffs his attack and defence, but we talked about that in the Summons section.

Gear Overview:
As I said in the beginning, our goal is to focus on surviving. All of our gear that we will be using is focused on protecting ourselves as much as possible. HP is going to be the most important stat, so we'll be looking to buff this as much as possible. Next is increasing our defence, and then our attack. Accuracy and evasion are last.

All gear will be ordered like so:

Flair 1
Flair 2
Flair 3
Gear - Matt

Knight's Helmet
Heroic Armor
Target Badge
Sword Medal
Pocket watch

Matt is going be both our main tank and our main damage. Seems weird, but that's just the way how his equips work. He has a lot of physical and magical defense thanks to his equips, and HP as well.

Both Berzerker and Heroic Armor increase Matt's non-elemental damage, which is great, since we don't care about any elemental attacks. Berzerker also counter-attacks with Revenge, which is incredibly useful on God's third form.

Target Badge is essential to make Matt take the damage instead of our other heroes, and Pocket Watch is just insane value because of Haste. An extra turn never hurt anybody. Sword Medal is just for more damage, since we do have to kill God at some point.

Gear - Natalie

Slime Staff
Blue Elephant
Magical Skirt
Gold Star
Platinum Star

Again, we are focusing on keeping our heroes alive, so all of this gear is pointed towards the defensive side. Slime Staff and Magical Skirt are absolutely fantastic because of the chance to get the Slime Bunny. Slime Bunny allows you to heal to full after every single turn since it regens for so much, allowing you to focus on damaging instead of healing. Blue Elephant just gives an insane amount of health, so it's there.

Flairs are pointed towards defense as usual. Fairy allows us to autorevive, which is important since Natalie has some important skills and we need her alive.

Gear - Lance

Space Helmet
Spartan Cuirass
Green Cross
Balance Badge

Same as always, equips are focused on defense. Not much to say here, I kind of just gave Lance the leftovers, probably the same as the rest of you guys. I didn't really use Lance all that much, but he is useful in his own way.

Gear - Anna

Regal Turtle
Fur Hat
Fur Dress
Big Eyebrows
Shield Medal
Small Cloud

Anna just doesn't die with Regal Turtle. You'll get an automatic defense every other turn, if not every single turn. You won't be doing much damage, but you won't be dying any time soon, which is very important.

Fur Hat and Fur Dress give even more defense, with Fur Dress being one of the best equips in the game. The ability to have Viking Monolith is absolutely insane. A free turn is always welcome, and it helps a lot.

Big Eyebrows helps with Confusion resistance, Shield Medal is for defense, and Small Cloud gives more HP (which is an important stat) and it gives more SP from the cats God summons, which is important to cast our summons (we don't want to run out of SP. That would be absolutely terrible).

Make sure Anna is on the very top (first in your party). That way, if your party gets confused, Anna is fine, and then you'll be able to switch out your confused heroes for non-confused ones.

Gear - NoLegs

Neon Lightbulb
Ninja Gear
Cat Tail
Battle Paint
Hoop Earrings

NoLegs is a bit different. He has the lowest base health out of any other characters, so boosting his health really isn't going to do much. What's more important is boosting his Evade, so all of his equips are the best equips to boost Evade with.

Battle Paint and Hoop Earrings are kind of just leftovers. Not really sure what else I can put on him. Hoop Earrings are pretty good for Good Luck though. Helps with Evade.

The Battle Overview
First things first, put Anna first, then put Matt and Natalie. These are your main heroes. Lance and NoLegs will be in the backup for most of the fight. If anybody loses their buffs, swap them to the back so they can stay safe and gain buffs, and send out someone from the back who has all their buffs (usually Lance since he's tankier).

Now that we're fully prepared, we're going to be hopping right into the fight. The first thing we're going to do is to actually use Protect and Barrier to buff the Defense of our heroes. You might think it might be a bit redundent to do this since we're going to be buffed soon in a few turns, but it is very important to do this. In the start, we are extremely weak. Even though this is only God's first phase, you're still fighting God on Epic. He can (and will) kill one of your characters on the first turn if you unluckily get hit with a Blade Blitz and then a Final Cutter.

Remember, our main goal is to buff up, and then keep our buffs.

So our main goal at the very start is to just survive until we get our buffs.

God in the beginning isn't much of a threat while we have our 95% buffs. Very rarely he can cast Star Blast, which is a strong AOE attack which can Dispel you. It's a very dangerous attack because of the Dispel, but it shouldn't be too much of a threat at the beginning since you can just send whoever got Dispeled to the back and wait a few turns to build up their buffs.

He also uses Star Shower, which can cause Confusion. I would say this is actually his most dangerous move at the beginning since we don't have a lot of Confusion resistance, and some bad luck can get us killed. This is why we keep Anna on the top (first in the party). Since she has Confusion resistance, she'll be alright, and then if the other two do get confused, you can swap them out with the backup. Luckily, God's confusion only lasts for 1 turn, so it's not too bad.

Lastly, he very rarely uses Hyper Beam, but he doesn't charge it up, so you won't see it coming until it's too late. If you have your 95% buffs, then it's not too bad. If you don't have it, you're dead.

If you're lucky enough, you'll be getting regen from Slime Bunny, which will allow you to go on the offensive since it allows you to heal through any damage God does if you have the 95% buffs. It also makes Confusion easier to deal with since you can still heal.

The time he reaches his second stage is about the time he uses his first limit break. When he does, just follow what I said in the Summon's page. Use Heavenly Mirror, use Matt to Guard, and cast autorevive on him if you want to be extra sure. You'll be fine, hopefully (if you don't have your buffs, you'll be dead if he uses Swift Slash (AOE physical) since you take double damage.

God's second stage really isn't much different than his first stage. He does more damage, but that's about it. He uses the same exact moves. Just follow the flow chart, and you'll be fine.

His third stage is deadly though. All of his moves deal an insane amount of damage, even when you're 95% buffed. At this point, some of your characters will start dying. His patterns don't change however, he just gains a lot more damage. There's not much to say here other than keep reviving people, use Matt to defend if the others are low, and try to get in some damage whenever you can.

At this point, you'll need to improvise a lot. You made it this far on Epic difficulty. I'm sure you can think of what to do in each situation. In his third stage, he's not going to give you time to sit there and let your buffs stack up. On average, I'd say at least one of your guys is going to die each turn. The most important person to have buffs is Matt, since he needs the defense to tank, and he is the main damage. Other than that, the others just get whatever they can get.

Don't forget to use NoLegs' Nine Lives and Natalie's Genesis when things are going south, most particularly when God uses his Limit Break in his third stage.

Dealing Damage to God:
Surviving God is our first step towards victory. Once we get our buffs going and we're not in any danger of dying, then we can start beating him with a stick.

Our go-to damage combo is going to be using Anna's Lumber to stagger God (he has 0 stagger resistance!), and then either using Matt's Legend (don't use unless you have high accuracy buff. It misses a lot) or Natalie's Judgement. This is our best source of damage.

When Legend and Judgement are on cooldown, then you just use Lumber to stagger and Matt to whack God with a normal attack. Pretty lame, but there's not much other attacks we can use. It takes a while, but it's a consistant source of damage. You can use Matt's Cataclysm and hopefully get a x2 Critcal. Honestly I've never used it. I just kept on following the flowchart of stagger, Legend/Judgement, normal attack. Worked for me.

Revenge is also another incredibly strong source of damage. When some of your heroes are down (which happens often), use Matt's Revenge to deal very high damage (upwards to 500k damage for me!), and then revive them.

Never forget to stagger God whenever you go for a Limit Break. Especially when you use Matt's Cleaver. You will be missing out on so much damage if you don't do it.

The hardest part is, of course, going to be the God's final form, since you'll be taking so much damage that it's hard to find places to get damage in. There's not much I can say here other than to take it slow. Make sure your heroes are healed up, get some damage in whenever possible, and just turtle up as much as you can. Matt's Revenge counterattack helps tremendously to get in some damage.

Additional Notes

This section is just for some other thoughts I had that should help you.

Spirit Bomb:
Don't forget that God takes two of his turns to launch the Spirit Bomb into the air. So use that to your advantage.

Don't forget to use Flybot whenever you can. And never forget to use Heavenly Mirror. If you forget, you're dead.

There's not really any other summons you can use. And you probably shouldn't. You need all of the SP you can get to use Flybot and Heavenly Mirror. If you want, you can use Slime Bunny, but it shouldn't be needed as you have Natalie.

Cat Snipers:
Kill them first. We don't have any death resistance, so if we get instakilled, that's really bad. Nothing else to say here. They don't have any health, so they should die in one hit. As long as you kill them.

Other Cats:
Meh. Don't really care about them. Cat Wizard can heal, but he doesn't do it often, and it's not too much. The only thing I will say is that if you do want to kill a cat, kill the one that goes after God. That way, if God uses a one-hit-kill attack and you survive with morale, the cat that attacks after God doesn't just sneeze on you and you keel over.

You might be wondering why we don't have more Dispel resistance. Truth is, I wanted to add Dispel resistance. As I said, our goal is to not lose our 95% buffs in the first place, and Dispel really kills that goal. However, there's not really any good defensive armor that also provides Dispel resistance. I guess we could swap out a flair for Amethyst Earrings, but it only provides a 50% Dispel resistance, and I felt like it wasn't that good. The flairs that Matt, Natalie, and Anna have are already so important, and NoLegs doesn't need it since if he gets hit by Star Blast in the first place, he's dead anyways. Lance already has 100% Dispel resistance thanks to Gungnir.

Besides, God doesn't use Star Blast that much. I think he only used it once or twice in my fight, maybe even three times. One in the beginning, (which doesn't matter much, since God isn't that strong at the start so I can just gain the buffs back), and one at his last stage, (which didn't matter, since Star Blast just killed my party anyways). Maybe I just got a bit lucky that he didn't use it more often.

Limit Breaks
Matt's Cleaver is going to be your go-to Limit Break. Simple to understand.

Natalie's Genesis is important because of the revive and strong AOE damage. It instakills the minicats and deals pretty good damage to God.

7th Heaven is also great as well to get buffs up and running when your heroes have lost theirs. Not too useful when your heroes already have buffs.

Lance doesn't really have any good Limit Breaks for God, so stick Death Metal on him and he'll be able to heal and give Morale, which is pretty good.

Anna - use whatever.
NoLegs - use whatever.
Additional Stuff

I have heard rumors about how you can glitch God, or at least get God to never buff himself involving Natalie and Weaken and somesuch. If you want to find out more and use it, then go ahead. I never used anything like that. In fact, I only heard about this glitch until after I already beat God.

Steam Achievements:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

Achievement - How to unlock:
100K Damage Deal over 99,999 damage with an attack - remember to exploit buffs, weaknesses, and statuses!
10K Damage Deal over 9,999 damage with an attack - a bit of levelling up should do the trick.
10M Damage Deal over 9,999,999 damage with an attack - this is actually possible at around level 35!
1K Damage Deal over 999 damage with an attack - just smack an enemy hard.
1M Damage Deal over 999,999 damage with an attack - you'll need to setup a serious combo for this one!
Alien Landscape Look upon the remains of a devastated landscape.
Arctic Expedition Unpreparedness won't stop this adventure.
Art Connoisseur View a fine piece of framed artwork.
Back Attack What? Not even backup players are safe from taking damage?!
Bash the Fash Defeat Lance and Neon Valkyrie on Epic difficulty.
Beast Tamer Tame a strong monster as you work your way up the food chain.
Berzerker's Rage Get inflicted with the Berserk status, and go mad with power.
Bonus Skills Adjust your default abilities to something more unique, and show off the real you.
Book Worm Read every book in the library - not just for this achievement, but to actually learn!
Booty Burglar Open 600 treasure chests. Not even the developer knows exactly how many there are.
Boss Slayer Beat the Boss Rush on Epic difficulty.
Boss's Boss Imprison your boss in a shipping container, for later use.
Burning Soul Defeat the 3-headed Blaze Hydra on Epic difficulty.
Cartographer Fill in the entire world map - which doesn't include secret underground areas.
Cat Person Intimidate NoLegs into surrendering, rather than beating him to a pulp.
Catastrophe Defeat Telperion on Epic difficulty.
Chest Grabber Open 400 treasure chests. You should be in jail by now.
Child Minder Force an exhausted Anna to surrender, rather than having to knock out a child.
Code Breaker Discover one of several secret codes.
Conductive Status Exploit a status effect that increases elemental damage.
Confusion Get inflicted with the Confused status, and lose control of your own body.
Cooling Off And now, we wait. Quite a while, too.
Deathbringer Beat the Foe Marathon on Epic difficulty.
Demon Hunter Defeat the horned demon on Epic difficulty.
Determination Defeat Snowflake on Epic difficulty.
Dim Depths The plot thickens as buried secrets are uncovered.
Disarmed Get inflicted with the Disable status, and have some of your skills become unusable for a few turns.
Double Trouble Defeat Sól and Skadi on Epic difficulty.
Drill Breaker Defeat Neon Valhalla on Epic difficulty.
Dungeon Crawler Defeat all 5 mega bosses in their optional dungeons, on any difficulty.
Dust to Dust Defeat the hungry golem on Epic difficulty.
Eagle Eye Find 100 secret treasures - and remember, not all of them shine!
Endgame Reach wave 30 in the Endless Battle.
EXP Pipeline Cut down over 1,337 innocent foes, for those sweet battle rewards.
Family Roots Remember what you came from, and keep visiting your family even when you're famous.
Firewood Defeat Anna and the Mighty Oak on Epic difficulty.
Fog of War Get inflicted with the Shroud status, and succumb to the pain of missing information.
Forgotten Myths Defeat Poseidon on Epic difficulty.
Freebie Watch your enemies be killed by their own environment, or by each other.
Fry, You Fools Defeat Vulcan on Epic difficulty.
Generic Holiday Complete a rare holiday quest. (There's totally no way to cheat the system...)
Give 100% Buff yourself to the max. Some equips will help out with this... but the foes may beat you to it.
Golden God Defeat Chibi Knight's ultimate form on Epic difficulty.
Helping Hand Complete 10 quests for NPCs, and experience the joy of helping others.
Instant Knowledge Learn a completely new skill through sheer willpower alone - no practice involved.
Like a Bird Find 50 secret treasures - keep an eye out for hidden shiny things!
Limits Broken Use a limit break - and if you're reading this in advance - remember to set up a combo first!
Mega Boss Slayer Beat the Mega Boss Rush on Epic difficulty.
Mercy Let a surrendered foe go free. Sometimes it feels good to be good.
Miniboss Slayer Beat the Miniboss Rush on Epic difficulty.
Nice Guy Flirt with Natalie to calm her down, avoiding the unsightly beating up of a girl.
No Mercy Execute a surrendered foe in cold blood. You get EXP either way, so it really is senseless violence.
No Respawns Defeat the Crystal Hydra on Epic difficulty.
None Are Free Capture 100 different foes. Leave no free animals to graze the fields - all bow before their master.
None Are Safe Capture 50 different foes. No living creature can escape the completionist's snare.
Not Pok*mon Equip more than 6 summons, but no more than 18, as that would be simply unfair.
Nuclear Holocaust Destroy the world several times over by trying out every single Limit Break attack.
Over the Wall Enter the fascists' fortress with a dangerous mission in mind.
Owned Sometimes the enemies don't even have to do anything.
Party Hard A bunch of poorly drawn cartoon characters get together and smash things.
Pop Eye Defeat Jotun on Epic difficulty.
Public Servant Complete 20 quests for NPCs, hoping they'll ignore all of the damage you've done.
Purifying Flame Defeat the dark priestess on Epic difficulty.
Quest Cuck Complete 30 quests for NPCs, as apparently they can't do anything for themselves.
Real Deal Defeat all 5 bosses in the Temple of Trials, on any difficulty.
Reformat Even if you delete me, I'll be with you forever...
RIP in Peace Honour the dead by shuffling away their corpses and bringing in reinforcements.
River Rapids Sail towards unknown lands on a dinky raft that's totally sea-worthy.
Roid Rage Get a taste of performance-enhancing steroids, like bacon or bread.
Second Chance Don't die when you have been killed - the Morale and Auto-Revive statuses can get you out of trouble!
Secret Farm Help a wizard grow totally legal herbs in a barn.
Secret Soundboard Find the secret soundboard, just as the name of this achievement suggests.
Secret World Use the three Spiritual Stones to open the... Door of Time?
Seduction Exploit Lance's weakness to make him surrender, but only during his 3rd and final appearance.
Slave Trader Enslave a beast, later to be forced into combat against its will.
Slip 'n' Slide Get familiar with some annoying puzzle mechanics.
Sometimes Invincible Have fun with the Enchanted and Invisible status effects. They may or may not be useful.
Squishy Click on something squishy a few times. There's several ways of getting this one...
Super Sa*yan Defeat the strongest being in the universe on Epic difficulty.
Swamped I have a feeling these woods might actually be haunted.
The Cat King Defeat Laurelin on Epic difficulty.
Treasure Hunter Open 200 treasure chests. That's a lot, but also just the beginning.
Triple Death Defeat the 3-headed Zombie Hydra on Epic difficulty.
Tunnel Vision Find all of the treasure chests in the underground labyrinth. (Not counting any rooms!)
Twisted Metal Defeat the killer android on Epic difficulty.
Ultimate Hero Defeat the final boss on Epic difficulty.
Uncontrollable Hunger Get inflicted with the Hungry status, and pig out on whatever you can find.
Unlimited Blade Works Collect 150 different items of equipment. You don't even need all of that.
Unusual Torture Melt down a captured foe and use it as a crafting material. The foe's consent is not required.
Upgrade Complete Fully upgrade a weapon - this is the best use of your cash!
Video Games Talk to every type of games console. They won't talk back.
Wandering Out Begin your adventure by wandering away from home and into the jungle.
What Game? Paint the loading screen with the ooze of 100 dead slimes.
Where's Satan? Discover the demon hiding in plain sight.
World Saved? Defeat the final boss and finish the main story.
X-Ray Goggles Scan 125 different foes. (Captured foes count as scanned!)