Epic Pinball


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Press on options menu for more balls. While playing press . When asked to quit press J.

To get 2 balls and also have control over the ball press B then J.

You can make the flippers "stick" by pressing X and /.

For unlimited balls jump to dos and do this:

For unlimited balls in all of the tables registered:

Be sure that the ep.exe are not packed with execompressors like pklite or lzexe

file/table fileoffset hex/dec original
ep1.exe/ANDROID 34D0D/216333 FE 06 37 68
ep2.exe/POT OF GOLD 36AD1/223953 FE 06 58 55
ep3.exe/EXCALIBUR 336B7/210615 FE 06 C1 4D
ep4.exe/CRASH AND BURN 338C8/211144 FE 06 55 59
ep5.exe/MAGIC 3049D/197789 FE 06 D2 43
ep6.exe/JUNGLE PINBALL 37FF6/229366 FE 06 BB 43
ep7.exe/DEEP SEA 34358/213848 FE 06 1E 55
ep8.exe/ENIGMA 37932/227634 FE 06 AE 4F

Overwrite the original bytes with 4 x 90 hex. Now you should play pinball with unlimited balls.

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