Eve of Extinction - Get Twin daggers

Eve of Extinction - Get Twin daggers

Get Twin daggers

Finish the game using any difficulty setting and save the game after the credits end. Now load your saved game and you will have the twin daggers

Extra Game Modes

Finish the game using any difficulty setting to get the Survival and 3 minute attack modes

3 Minute Mode

In the second level where you're in Japan After you defeat the guys in the truck go to the street head straight go to the far side and turn right way way up on a building you'll see a ley seed go towards it Limb up the building below it turn right as you get up then go up the next building walk across the window on the other side you'll see a Notebook page it unlocks 3 Minute Mode

Defeat 1st Boss

The first boss is in a shadow and you have to go onto the ledge above and stand across from the chandelier and use the rods legacy then the boss will be hittable and just attack.

The Final Boss

Algla transforms into another monster. When he turns a color, change to the color of the weapon. It does the real damage to Agla.

All weapons

press r2 30 times and then square 5 times triangle 9 times at the main menu and you will have all weapons and all of them will beat max power
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