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Water Chip

The water chip is in the sewers under necropolissort of.Find the zombie in the sewers he will ask you not to shoothim DONT he will help you . Get the parts from the sewersto fix the water pump ,THEN AND ONLY THEN SHOULD YOU TAKETHE WATER CHIP. It is located in the back room of the pumphouse ,go down the sewer follow the tunnles to an abandonedvault, fight your way to the elevator , on the third flooryou will find a computer that is functional go to it clickon it with your arrow and you've got it.Don't get to excitedthe game isnt over.

Censored Comments

Hold Shift during the credits for some V-Chip commentsfrom the game's designers.

Turbo Plasma Rafle and Hardened Power Armor

To get a turbo plasma rifle, go to boneyard after youhave got the missing parts from the dead bodyand talkto smitty in the first house where you can see a manthrough a hole in the ceiling and he give you a turboplasma rifle. You must have a plasma rifle before talkingto Smitty. To get Hardened Power Armor talk to the man inthe white lab coat in front of the house and farm when youhave power armor. He will ask you to go to the hub and geta book. Get the book and talk to him he will give hardenedpower armor.

Where to get NPC's

Ian is in shady sands talk to him and he will join if yourspeech skill is high enough or give him 100 caps. Tycho andDogmeat are in junktown. To get Tycho go to the bar in theevening and he will join you if your speech skill is highenough. To get Dogmeat go to the third part of the town andgive him an iguana on a stick. You can get iguana on a stickin the crash hotel in the fridge.Tandi is in Raider Camp. Toget her go to Shady Sands, talk to the gaurd on the left ofthe door and she will say Tandi has been captured. This is abug. If you come back later Tandi will be kidnapped and willbe at the Raider Base. At the Raider Base talk to the leader.You can trade for her or fight for her. Katja is in Boneyard.Talk to her and she will join you.

Submitted By: John Diggens
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GO TO Gun Runners,talk to Green combat armor guy,click that you'll kill death claw for ammo for yourself; kill deathclaw and eggs.go back to gunrunners and click on "all I want is Ammunition and so forth Poof 1000exp. talk to gun runner again and click on "I think I got rid of all the deathclaws" after that click on I'll get rid of deathclaws for ammunition and such then exit and go back to where the deathclaw area is,back to runners & another 1000ex re-peat process
Submitted by WestGDAPPPER

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