Fallout 2 +8 trainer

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Fallout 2 +8 trainer

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                                         1 9 1 1         <JED>
                        Razor 1911 Proudly Presents:
                            FALLOUT 2 TRAINER +8
                                (c) INTERPLAY
    Supplied By : MINISTER                    Release Date : Oct. 31 1998
     Cracked By : N/A                      Protection Type : N/A
                                                # of Disks : 1
      Game Type : RPG                          System Type : WIN95/98
      Packed By : Toast                    3D Acceleration : D3D/3DFX
    Requirements: FALLOUT 2
                       Game Notes & Crack Information
     Trick or Treat? How about Trick or Cheat!
     Here's a little something to help you play INTERPLAY'S FALLOUT 2.
     This trainer has the following options:
     * Infinite Creation Points
     * Infinite Action Points
     * Raise/Subtract Experience
     * Infinite Stat Points
     * Infinite Hit Points
     * Raise/Lower Level
     If you are a hard-core cheater, be sure to check out RAZOR's FALLOUT 2
     datfile unpacker released earlier today!
     Enjoy this, and have a HAPPY HOLLOWEEN from RAZOR 1911!
                                                   TOAST - RAZOR 1911
                         Usage information and notes:
    Some notes about this trainer:
  * Use inifinte creation points ONLY during player creation. Turn it off
    and it will set your points to 0 and you can exit the screen.
  * Never Ever sub more levels than you currently have. It will screw your
    player up.
  * Add 10 levels to yourself and then subtract them and you can get anothe
    another special skill.
  * Turn infinite Attack Points off when you are not using them, since
    the enemy gets them too. =)~
  * Infinite Hit Points does not effect the enemeys, so leave it on at
    all times.
  * Never decreace more experience than you currently have.
  To use this trainer, install this trainer to the location that the
  FALLOUT 2 executable is located, then run rzrf2trn.exe
  OR - load and use the trainer while the game is loaded.
                                              MINISTER  - [RAZOR 1911]
                            Razor 1911 Greetings
    Group : Hybrid, Origin, Paradigm, clASS, PWA, DrinkorDie, Siege, RiSC
    People: The Punisher, Pitbull, Beowulf, Shinobi, Horde, Minister, CWQ,
    Cool Hand, The Candyman, Line Noise, Fabulous Furlough, Martial Artist,
    TSA, Garoto, Trainman, Fallen Angel, Garoto, Fkrueger and Big Boss.
                     Razor 1911 News & Announcements
  In 1992 and 1995, RAZOR 1911 let people of the scene own their very own
  piece of scene memorabelia with the famous RAZOR t-shirt. In a similar
  tri-yearly fashion (it's coincidence...) RAZOR is proud to be offering
  the 1998 RAZOR T-SHIRT. This is a limited time offer.  MANY people asked
  for a shirt a LONG time after we sold out of the 1995 version, so if you
  want one NOW is the time to ACT!
  Please see the order form at the BOTTOM of this .NFO for more details.
      In lieu of  recent  events  contributing to the  breakdown  of the  now
 defunct S.P.A. (Software Piracy Association), a private  meeting between the
 key contributing and  contending groups was held.  On October  15th, 1998 an
 agreement and compromise was reached between the 3 attending parties, CLASS,
 PARADIGM and RAZOR 1911.  Let it be known that this type of compromise could
 not be  achieved under  the  S.P.A. environment; it  took a  clean  break to
 accomplish in  a day what had  previously gone  unaccomplished in  2 months.
 The end  result being a  new council whose sole  purpose is to set standards
 for  the  game-releasing subsector of  the  scene, to  be  adhered to by all
 admitted  parties.  Represented  members  of  this  new  council  named  THE
 FACTION, have  pledged to abide by the  following set of rules created a) to
 ensure  a quality minded  end  result  and b) to encourage  fair  play and a
 productive competitive environment for involved groups.
 The Faction 10 Point Program:
 1.  The disk  limit  is as of  now  50 x 2.88 megabytes or  2,915,328 bytes.
     This  equates  to a  total  of  144  megabytes  of  compressed  data  or
     145,766,400 bytes.  Using 2.88  megabyte archives enables us to keep the
     standard  8 character filename with a 3 character  extension.  This will
     also   help  contribute  to   the  elimination  of   the 'missing  disk'
     phenomenon,  plaguing  end-users   worldwide.   Acceptable   compression
     formats  at this  time  are ACE  or  RAR, followed  by  the  traditional
 2.  Every release  under  this  limit will be  a functionally  and  playably
     complete  game.  This  means  that  included  will  be  every  component
     necessary for the successful completion of the game (every level, track,
     course and other NECESSARY component).
 3.  Sound effects WILL and MUST be included.
 4.  Intros,  Outros and  Cut-Scenes  should be  removed  if the size of  the
     release is 40  x 2.88 disks  or more with them  included.  Intros should
     NOT be  iuncluded  in a  Movie Add-On,  only Cut-Scenes  and  Outro (aka
     End-Scene) should be  included.  Animation files, such  as .SMKs, should
     be "framed"  and  not blacked out.  Re-indexing of  large  files, should
     consist  of an actual re-index instead  of just creating  a file full of
     0's, (which  doesn't  change  the  actual  file size, but  allows  it to
     compress to virtually nothing), thus promoting  more quality minded rips
     and cracks.
 5.  Only  2 Add-Ons should be  released per game.  Each Add-On should  be no
     more than 25 x 2.88 megabyte archives.
 6.  A brief  outline  of what  has been  stripped from the  game  should  be
     clearly stated in  the  game-release .NFO, as  well as information as to
     whether or not Add-Ons can be expected.
 7.  Children's games (aka  Kiddie  games) and  Edutainment  software  do not
     qualify under THE FACTION's guidelines for acceptable releases.
 8.  In regard  to games  distributed  in the  United States  that are  LATER
     distributed in Europe  or vice versa under  the same or different name /
     publisher.  These games  if released  AFTER another group's  release are
     counted  as DUPES  unless  it can  be  proven that  there  is  a clearly
     noticeable PLAYABLE  difference in the  latter release (eg. new  levels,
     enhanced graphics, or other new features).
 9.  Fully  cracked Update Patches  and Trainers are highly  regarded, though
     they are not  the responsibility  of any group (including  that of which
     released the original game.)  If 2 trainers from the same  or  different
     groups are released  for 1 game, this  does NOT qualify as a dupe unless
     the latter trainer provides no new features over the prior trainer.
 10. Admittance to  THE FACTION is  done on an   invite / vote-in basis.  The
     group invitation  must be proposed  before ALL  current FACTION  member-
     group representatives, and the corresponding vote must  be undertaken by
     ALL FACTION  member-group  representatives.  This  council operates in a
     purely  democratic  manner and  all  parties therein have upon  joining,
     agreed to  follow all stated  guidelines  of this  Declaration  of Scene
     Independence.  Today is not only a new dawn  in the games scene, but our
     Independence Day where  differences are  at least  temporarily put aside
     and our unity re-consolidated.
 This document was signed & approved  on October 17th, 1998  by the following
 individuals, representing their respective groups:
        Mr.Skill - [CLASS] - ZEUS [PARADIGM] - The Punisher [RAZOR 1911]
                        The Gods at Razor 1911 are:
      Aggro. August West. Bad Spirit. Beowulf. Big Boss. BoneZ. Bunter
 Cockroach.  Cyric. CWQ. Drather. Flames. FireBlade. Hetero & WOTW. Jkowall
  Juz. Kelt. Manhunter. Minister. MyM. Philter. Pitbull. Pork Chop. Ranger.
 Shinobi. Slice. Stone. The Punisher. Third Son. Toast.Wish Bone. Wolverine
                      The Gods of the Net & BBS Scene:
                Brain. Biggy. Fain. Garoto. Kerisma. Morbid.
                          Mossy Oak. Stix. Wazza
               Do you want to be a part of the RAZOR legend?
 We are ALWAYS looking for talented PEOPLE to be a part of the RAZOR legend.
 Are you able to help in any of following areas:
 Do you work for a software house, store/shop, distributor, or publisher?
 Can you supply un-released games, utilities, or even some hardware?
 Are you working for a fast ISP, or other supplier of shell accounts, etc?
 Can you donate something else of value to the group?
        Do you want your site/board to be part of the RAZOR legend?
   If you run a  site/board  and are ready to contribute to the success
   of the oldest cracking group on the IBM, get in touch with us.  All of
   our siteops are actively participating in the success of the group, so
   if you plan to just sit there and run a board/site, forget it.
                      You may reach us via E-mail at:
                       Razor 1911 World Wide Web Site
                       Razor 1911 Founder's Web Site
                          Razor 1911 For Supply-Mail
                                (No Name)
                                Suite 189
                                2611 North Hiatus Road
                                Cooper City, Florida
                                USA  33026
                (Or simply ask to join #RAZOR on EFNET IRC)
           IF YOU LIKED THIS GAME, BUY IT. -*- R A Z O R  1 9 1 1 -*-
                       1998 RAZOR 1911 T-SHIRT ORDER FORM
 By reading the following, you understand and agree that these
 items are being sold as a novelty ONLY. T-shirts will be sold on a
 pre-order basis ONLY meaning that you MUST fill out this form
 COMPLETLEY and submit it along with your payment before you
 will be sent a shirt. Once payment has been received, your order
 will be filled within 5 buisness days. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for
 shipping. The cost of the shirts is $25.00 US funds for EACH shirt
 ordered. This price includes shipping to anywhere in the world.
 The only methods of payment that will be accepted are cash and money
 order. Send your payment to the following address.
 T-Shirt Offer
 Suite 189
 2611 North Hiatus Road
 Cooper City, FL 33026
 Size - S, M, L, XL: (  )
 Price Per Shirt - $25.00
 Quantity - (  )
 TOTAL - ($    )
 Address you want your shirt(s) sent to:
 Email address of sender (for communication purposes)
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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