Fallout 2 - Walkthru

Vault Rats mod v1.02 Full



When you create a new character in Fallout 2 spend the char points and save the character. Then get thenewly created ".gcd" file and open it with a hexeditor. Change the following lines to "0A" for 10 - maximum possible here:

Offset - Byteaddress - Type
0 - 8 - ST
10 - 2 - PE
10 - 6 - EN
10 - 10 - CH
20 - 4 - IN
20 - 8 - AG
30 - 2 - LK

Voila, all you characteristics are on 10 and that increases the skills as well.
Submitted by Mitch

Unlimited levels and 99 skill points

Gain a level and wait for the screen with the perks to appear. Highlight the perk and click "Done" on the perk screen. However, click "Cancel" on the mainscreen. Click back to the character screen and theperk screen will appear again. Repeat these step togain unlimited levels and 99 skill points.
Submitted by Mitch

Easy Escape

For easy escape add some skill point to sneak, thenwhen attack hit a over and over, even before the battle screen is up keep hitting a. Stop when youhave escape to the world map.

Get a peace of unrefined ore, take it toBroken hills, then take it to one of theghouls in the power plant, wait a day,then he'll ask you to sell it to him, he'll offer 500 for it. Take it, then keep talking to him and saying the same,every time you do that he'll give you 1500. Soon you'll have like me - about 300000. Besides to be easier, youcan just talk to him, then number 3,1,and keep doing that untill you have enough. :
Submitted by Mitch


Go to the NCR Downtown and talk with the ladywith a robot near her. She will scream "help me itsofficer John, hes gonna blow himself". Then you sayyou'll help her and you go into the buildind shes standing in front of. Let the bugger blow himself and the lady will say that the machine she goes tois destroyed. Then you repair it and talk to her andshell give you some books and you gain 3000 exp. points. And you can repeat repairing and talking toher untill you have all the points you need. I triedit after a hvile in the game and if you do it earlyit may not work.

Go to San Francisco. There are two shopkeepers.They have everything one mutant-killer needs in his quest. You need to do only one simple thing to make yourself richman. You must buy what you need,then you simply grab the traderto get youre money back Keep doing this until a you get everything you want in enourmousquantities And pray the trader not see you, becouse you will be in deep shit Better wayis to save youre game before making things likethat

After the game, go to New Reno. Talk to father Tully and he'll give you a Fallout 2 handbook. Ifyou read this your stats will become 300 and plus 20000 exp. Continue reading this until you get level 99. you can get some pretty good perks inthe end.

Go to NCR and talk to Dorothy and fix the computer,and make sure dorothy doesnt die in the blast, and repair it, and talk to dorothy, and repeat this until at the top level you can reach.
Submitted by Mitch

Unlimited Money and Jet

In the Den there is a thug h3d Joey. Talk to him to buy the drug Jet for 500 a dose. When you talk to him have less than 500 in your inventory and say you'll buy it. He will say you don't have enough money and tell you not to buy it anywhere else. Click on the option 'Wait I'll buy it'. He'll say You'll be coming back. Say Maybe and in your inventory will be the Jet without even paying for it. Now use the steal skill to get into his inventory and he'll have the 500 you were supposed to give him. Steal that money and repeat as much as necessary.

300 outdoorsman for free

To get 300 to your outdoorsman first go to Klamath and talk to Madia in the Trading shack. first building you encounter when you enter She will ask you to find a guy h3d Smiley. Go to the traper town and steal or talk you way into geting the key from the guy gaurdin the door to the north end of town. Now go through the north end or town till you come to an abandoned gun shop get the rubber boots from the lockers inside and leave klamath. Go to the Toxic Caves and rescue Smiley. Go back to Klamath and talk to Smiley in the trading shack askhim to teach you about geckos and every time you do you get 3 to your outdoorsman skill. you also get the gecko skinning skill.
Submitted by DiamondIce15

Free Weapon Upgrades

This guy in the Den Elridge who owns the gun shop in the south of thecommercial zone is a really great fellow. He wants to do you a favourbut he's got to keep up appearances of being a tough guy in the Denotherwise he might get tagged a sissy. Ya see when you meet him in hisoffice he wants to charge you ridiculous sums to upgrade your pistols andrifles and such. Better off going to Vic's daughter at Vault City if youcan find a stinking screwdriver BUUUUT if you arrive late at night whenhe's in his back office and camp there the night he'll give you a specialearly morning deal when he's sure his regulars ain't around. So rock uppast midnight and sleep until 8 am. Then get into his store as fast as youcan and block him off at the gate to his back area. Be careful not to gothrough the gate. He gets upset. You will have to ventilate him if you dothat. Personal space conflict and all. The point being you want to talkto Elridge while he is inside his personal space. That's why you stand atthe door in his fence and don't let him through. Be sure you have all thegear you want upgraded which can be heavy. My personal favourite is theFN FAL night scope. Kalashnikov is cool gets upgraded to 100 ammocapacity. Desert Eagle if you like CS gets upgraded to 20 ammo. AnywayElridge will upgrade it all for 0 it seems if you catch him on his way towork in the morning. I guess he doesn't want to be seen being nice so he'lldeal if he's 'in the back' but make you pay if he's up front. Last night Ijust did my AK my FN desert eagle .45 revolver. It was sweet He's agood guy. I was so inspired that my level 9 char went and wiped out theentire Salvatore gang with a little help from a greasegun wielding sulikan incompetent Vic and Cassidy on a combat shotgun I was in a bind and soldthe H&K Caws previously. Salvatore's right hand man has mark 2 metalarmor which saved me having to buy it and his 2 chums are packing regularmetal armor. And lazer pistols Lots of lazer pistols
Submitted by Indo Hezekiah