Fighting Vipers - Big Heads

Fighting Vipers - Big Heads

Big Heads

Change the Saturn's default language setting to Spanish. Big heads will be selectable on the options plus menu. This option is normally available after 100 matches are fought in the Vs. or Arcade modes.

Honey's Alternate Costumes Japanese Version

Complete the game on the very hard difficulty setting in Arcade mode. The costumes are selectable in Vs. Training and Team Battle modes. To see Honey in a Gstring knock off her lower armor in an Arcade mode match.

Invisible Walls

Complete 350 moves in training mode. Invisible walls will be selectable on the options plus menu.

Options Plus Menu

Complete the game in normal or harder difficulty with any character to access the options plus menu. This new option allows selection of starting stage background music a picture gallery Pepsi Man and backgrounds.

Fight as Mauler

Complete the game on normal difficulty with any character.

Fight as Big Mauler

Complete the game on very hard difficulty with any character. Big Mauler is selectable only in Vs. mode.

Fight as Kumachan

Begin a match in Arcade mode under the Hyper setting. Hold A B C and press Start when the match begins. Kumachan will be selectable after returning to the Vs. or arcade selection screen. To fight as Panda Kumachan highlight Kumachan on the character selection screen and press Up while choosing him. Kumachan is normally selectable only after 50 cumulative rounds have been fought in Arcade or Vs. modes.

Fight as Pepsi Man Japanese Version

Allow Bahn the first opponent to defeat your character with a perfect win.

Training Mode Music Selection

Press L or R in the screen that configures jumps or ducks for your opponent.

Change Honey's Name to Candy Japanese Version

Hold Z when selecting her character.