Fit in Six


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Fitness Junkie (Bronze)
Objective: Earn 500 Fitness Points

Jack of all Trades (Bronze)
Objective: Complete one Workout from each Class (except DLC Classes)

Hunting for Highscore (Bronze)
Objective: Earn 100 Fitness Points

Music Lover (Bronze)
Objective: Import your own playlist

Your own Way (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve your first goal

In Shape (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 30 workouts

Move your Body (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 10 Workouts with PlayStation Move motion controller

Newcomer (Bronze)
Objective: Complete your first challenge

Fit for Olympia (Silver)
Objective: Complete 300 workouts

Goalscorer (Silver)
Objective: Achieve 6 goals

Extreme Athlete (Silver)
Objective: Earn 1,000 Fitness Points

Trainer Certification (Gold)
Objective: Achieve all goals in the base game once

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