Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Name Effect
SSHOTS Unlimited Supershot
INVULN Unlimited Invulnerability
PURPLE Unlimited Full Turbo
QCKSHT Unlimited Rapid Fire
PEEKIN Unlmited XRay Glasses
MENAGE Unlimited 3Way Shot
1ANGLI Unlimited Halo and Levitate
REFLEX Unlimited Reflective Shot
000000 Unlimited Invisibility
XSPEED Unlimited Extra Speed
DELTA1 Unlimited Shrink Enemy and Growth
ALLFUL 9 Keys and 9 Potions Per Level
10000K 10000 Gold Per Level
ICE600ICE General
NUD069 S&M Dwarf
KJH105 Chainsaw
PNK666 Punkrock
BAT900 Battle General
ARV984 Created by Don
STG333 Employee Stig
CSS222 ExEmployee Chris
RIZ721 Football Dude
SJB694 Karate Steve
DIB626 Manager Mike
TAK118 Ninja
KAO292 Waitress
CEL721 Cheerleader
AYA555 School Girl
TWN300 Town General
CAS400 Castle General
RAT333 Rat General
GARM99 Regular Garm
GARM00 Sickly Garm
DES700 Desert General
SKY100 Sky General
SUM224 Sumner

Extra levels

Play through the first level 3 times to get extra levels

What to equip Jekhar by final demons

Warhammer90 damage.50speed,medalion of vigormaxHPplus five,warrior's platemailprotection 60,hero's sabatonprotection 15, max HP plus15,ring of healthmax HP plus30,ring of the godsspeed plus 5, max HP plus40, max AP plus20,and horseman's gauntletsprotection 25,maxHPplus5

What to equip Rosalind by final demons

Bow of Piercing40 damage1.43 Speed,Hellfire NecklaceDark 3,Fire 3,Draco Robe40 Protection,Speed 1.05,Magus Leggings10 Protection,Magic Resist 1,Magus BootsProtoction 10 Magic Resist 2,Ring of MasteryMax AP 40,Ring of MightMax AP 10,Max HP 30,Magus GauntletsProtection 9,Heal 1

Ultimate Characters

First you have to get to the mountian realm. You can get the ice sword if you want but you don't have to. First get up to a high level so you can defeat the dragon easier. You defeat him a lot of times and when you defeat him you get 5000 gold and that is enough to buy 5 of any attribute at the shop and you keep on doing this until your character is at 999 for every attribute

Easy Money

You don't NEED the javeline to defeat the plague fiend, but it helps. It also helps if you have a strong character. Just go in and defeat the plauge fiend to be rewarded with 9000 in gold Then just go and purchase drumsticks to replenish your health until its full. use the balance to build your characters attributes ie: strength, speed, magic etc...this can be done as often as you like, or until your attributes are maxed out.

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