Hearts of Iron 3


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Press and hold Alt, +, 2, 1 (on the number pad) at the same time to open the console. When the console is open, type the following codes:

crudeoil - gives you 1000 crude oil
metal - gives you 1000 metal
energy - gives you 1000 energy
rarematerials - gives you 1000 rare materials
supplies - gives you 1000 supplies
fuel - gives you 1000 fuel
money - gives you 1000 money
instantresearch - Instantresearch on/off
instantsproduction - Instant production on/off
instantconstruction - Instant construction on/off
addofficers - Adds 100 officers
noneutrality - Neutrality to zero
debug fow - Toggle fog of war
debug spy - Toggle superior espionage
debug yesmen - Toggle AI favorable response
Thisisboring - Randomize countries and events

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