Heroes Chronicles: Warlords of the Wasteland - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

During gameplay press Tab and type any of the following:

Code Effect
nwcagents Fill Empty Slots with 10 Black Knights
nwclotsofguns Gain All War Machines
mwcneo Gain a Level
nwctrinity Fill Empty Slots with 5 archangels
nwcfollowthewhiterabbit Max Luck
nwcnebuchadnezzar Unlimited Movement
nwcmorpheus Max Morale
nwcoracle Reveal Puzzle Map
nwcwhatisthematrix Reveal World Map
nwcignoranceisbliss Hides World Map
nwctheconstruct Gain 100000 Gold and 100 of Each Resource
nwcbluepill Lose Game
nwcredpill Win Game
nwcthereisnospoon Gain 999 Mana and All Spells
nwczion Gain All Buildings
nwcphisherprice Change Games Colors to a Wierd Color Scheme

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