Infamous 2: Festival of Blood

Infamous 2: Festival of Blood


Bite Club (Bronze)
Objective: Bite 100 Civilians.

Blood Bank (Bronze)
Objective: Collect half of the Canopic Jars.

Count Dra-Cole-a (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock all powers.

Dinner Theater (Bronze)
Objective: Bite a member of a street parade.

Flight Night (Bronze)
Objective: Stay airborne for 250 meters while in Shadow Swarm.

Give Them The Fanger (Bronze)
Objective: Clear out 20 Vampire packs.

Hindenburg Complex (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy a balloon.

Play. Create. Scare. (Bronze)
Objective: Play 20 Festival of Blood UGC Missions

Raising The Stakes (Bronze)
Objective: Stake 100 Vampires.

Stakehouse (Bronze)
Objective: Stake 20 hidden Firstborn vampires.

Underground Tour (Bronze)
Objective: Return to the underground while no mission is active and travel from one end of the catacombs to the other.

Bleeder's Digest (Silver)
Objective: Discover all of Mary's Teachings.

Blood Junkie (Silver)
Objective: Collect all Canopic Jars and max out your blood meter.

Fangs For Playing (Gold)
Objective: Defeat Bloody Mary.