Jet Force Gemini - Cheat Mode

Jet Force Gemini - Cheat Mode
Cheat Mode
At the Character Selection screen press the AnalogStick Right 3 times. Then press the AnalogStick Left to highlight and select Lupus. When gameplay begins press CRight CRight CRight CLeft CRight CRight CUp CUp CUp. If done correctly you will hear the soundo of Lupus barking. Press A to cycle through the available weapons and items. Press B to drop the selected object at Lupus' current location.

Easier Tawfret Boss:
Before you even go to Tawfret OR the SS Anubis, In the fisrt Goldwood area, kill every sniper in the area until a door in a large rock opens up. Go inside, rescue every tribal. One room in the tunnels has many crates in it. Destroy the crates but make sure the tribals are safe.One of them should have the yellow key in it. After youv'e got it finish the level.

Right after you arrive in the SS Anubis run to the left. There should be a dark crevace with large crates between the walls. Climb up them grab the Plasma Shotgun from the box and climb up the group of boxes.there will be a high up walk-way with a door that needs a yellow key at the end, go though the door to the next room.stay up at the side of the elevated area, ignore the drones and go through the next yellow door.

Fight your way through the next area, at the end your ship is waiting.

The ship will take you to a new world called Walkway. when you get there go up the walkway. Kill the ants to unlock the door. Inside will be a vendor and a Homing Missile Launcher

Now Later on you can deal out Tri-Rocket strength damage and hit more often