Journey of Life

Journey of Life

Quick Start:
A quick ten minute start to Journey of Life that gets you your backpack,
primitive hammer, primitive axe, upgraded fireplace, and upgraded
workstation. Now you have a few coconut halves to get you through the say,
a fire to light a torch at, a nice stone to boil water and cook meat on,
and an advanced workstation to give you access to the full crafting menu
(aside from items that must be crafted at stations you can craft from the
advanced workstation).

Tab to open / close menu.

Press N to show Nearby and you can see small items in your area while
moving about without having to look down or open menu constantly.

Three ways to pick up items. Look at the item and press E to pick up.
Left Click and drag from Nearby. Shift + Left Click on item in Nearby.

To move around with menu open Left Click and hold on screen.

Press E to gain access to and exit crafting stations.