Kameo: Elements of Power - Alternate costume

Kameo: Elements of Power - Alternate costume
Alternate costume:
Get an "A" rank on all levels to unlock the original Kameo costume.

Break the indicated high score in an action level to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Big Troll heads: Thorn's Castle, 2,500,000 points
Big Kameo head: Thorn's Castle, 2,500,000 points
Boss battles: Water Temple, 2,500,000 points
Kameo in her original purple costume: Thorn's Castle, 100,000 points
FMV player: Forgotten Forest. 1,600,000 points

Elemental Sprites
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Elemental Sprite:

Ash: Rescue Halis
Major Rush: Defeat the Shadow Troll in Lobster Hollow
Rubble: Defeat the Shadow Troll in the Forgotten Forest
Pummel Weed: Defeat the Shadow Troll in the Enchanted Kingdom

Mystic Eyes
Each Mystic Eye is located around the Enchanted Kingdom:

Eye One: Pummel Weed is required. Go to the beach by the palace and use Pummel Weed's Uproot attack and flip the shells. It is under one of them.

Eye Two: Ash is required. Go to the dungeon. Go straight through the first doorway and turn left. Light the torches on the wall and go in the room. It is floating in the middle of the room.

Eye Three: Chilla and Major Ruin are required. Go to the Throne Room. Go right into the Ancient Tower. Go left along the wall until you see a "quarter pipe". Use Major Ruin and go up to the second level. Go to the frozen wall and use Chilla to climb to the next level. The Eye is in the middle of the shiny light in the middle of the tower.

Eye Four: Thermite is required. Go to the Chamber of Living Portraits. Use Thermite's Mortar attack and blow up the Statue Of Thorn.

Exceed the indicated score in an action level to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Airship Concept Video: Thorn's Airship, 2,000,000 points
Alternate costume for 40 Below: Thorn's Airship, 1,500,000 points
Alternate costume for Ash: Water Temple, 1,000,000 points
Alternate costume for Chilla: Snow Temple, 2,000,000 points
Alternate costume for Deep Blue: Snow Temple, 1,000,000 points
Alternate costume for Flex: Thorn's Pass, 4,000,000 points
Alternate costume for Kameo: Forgotten Forest, 500,000 points
Alternate costume for Kameo: Thorn's Castle, 100,000 points
Alternate costume for Kameo: Thorn's Pass, 2,500,000 points
Alternate costume for Major Ruin: Water Temple, 2,000,000 points
Alternate costume for Pummel Weed: Forgotten Forest, 400,000 points
Alternate costume for Rubble: Forgotten Forest, 1,200,000 points
Alternate costume for Snare: Cumulative game score of 15,000,000 points
Alternate costume for Thermite: Cumulative game score of 24,000,000 points
Animatic Videos: Thorn's Pass, 4,500,000 points
Animatic Videos 2: Cumulative game score of 18,000,000 points
Animation Video: Forgotten Forest, 200,000 points
Boss Fights: Water Temple, 2,500,000 points
Character Model Video: Snow Temple, 2,500,000 points
Cheat Set 3 Hard difficulty: Water Temple, 3,000,000 points
Cheat Set 4: Snow Temple, 3,000,000 points
Cheat Set 5: Thorn's Pass, 5,000,000 points
Cheat Set 6: Thorn's Airship, 3,000,000 points
Cheats Set 1 Big Head: Thorn's Castle, 2,500,000 points
Cheats Set 2 Visual Effects: Forgotten Forest, 2,000,000 points
Concept Art Set 1: Cumulative game score of 9,000,000 points
Concept Video: Thorn's Castle, 1,500,000 points
Concept Art Set 2: Cumulative game score of 12,000,000 points
Cutscene Player: Forgotten Forest, 1,600,000 points
Cutscene Videos: Water Temple, 1,500,000 points
Deleted Cutscenes Video: Cumulative game score of 21,000,000 points
Deleted Moves Movie: Thorn's Pass, 3,000,000 points
Deleted Scenes Videos: Thorn's Airship, 1,000,000 points
Early Footage Video: Thorn's Airship, 500,000 points
End Concept Video: Thorn's Airship, 2,500,000 points
Evolution of the Characters Video: Snow Temple, 500,000 points
Evolution Videos: Thorn's Pass, 3,500,000 points
Making Backgrounds Video: Thorn's Castle, 500,000 points
Music Player: Snow Temple, 1,500,000 points
Test Cutscene: Thorn's Castle, 2,000,000 points
Troll Song: Thorn's Castle, 1,000,000 points
Wotnot Book Video: Forgotten Forest, 800,000 points

Defeating Troll King Thorn:
Take out 40 Below and use his Wrecking Ball technique on Thorn the entire time. Do not worry about any of the enemy trolls that Kalus throws around you. Just keep on Thorn with the wrecking ball and go in circles around him so that he and
the other monsters cannot get any good shots in at you. When you have Thorn dead, Kalus will appear and try to revive him. As before, do not worry about all the other monsters. Just transform into Chilla and use his Ice Spears to take her out. You may need to do this two or more times if she revives Thorn.

Banjo-Kazooie reference in Forgotten Forest Glade:
Go into Creeper's hut the one that had the rock stuck in the entrance. There will be a record player on your left as you enter the door. Walk up to it and press A to use it. It will play an electric guitar version of the original Banjo-Kazooie opening music.

Ash skin:
The Ash skin can be found deep in the Dungeon Of Eternal Life. There are golden doors around that block your progress. Sneaky placed lanterns are on either sides of the doors. Light them with Ash, and eventually you will find the new, blue skin.

Chilla skin:
The Chilla skin can be found at the Ancient Tower. If you do not know where the Ancient Tower is, find a long stairway in the Enchanted Kingdom that leads up to the throne room. Go left to find a passage leading to the Ancient Tower. There is a squid person there who needs you to round up her children. Equip Major Ruin, Chilla, and Ash to do the tasks. You will find a ramp that Major Ruin can go up. Then, use Chilla. You must repeat this process for each level along the way. On every level is a squid child. They will be frozen in a block of ice. Use Ash to melt the ice and the kids will go to their mother. Continue up the ice until you reach the top. The little bug things will make it difficult all the way up, but it is possible if you keep trying. Once you get to the top, you will find the last squid child and be rewarded with three elemental fruits, as well as the new Chilla skin. Get the skin, then work your way to the bottom. When you get there, collect your fruit.

Flex skin:
The Flex skin can be found at the Ice place. Find the shop that you do not have to walk into to find it available for purchase.

Major Ruin skin:
The skin for Major Ruin is in the water place shop.

Full magic:
Change to any transformation then back to the one desired and your magic will be fully restored.