Killer Instinct Gold - All options

Killer Instinct Gold - All options
All options:
While the game is starting, press A,B,A,L,SHIFT A,Z.

Change Music And Stage:
Up FP - Spaceship Glacius
Up MP - Jungle Maya
Up QP - Castle Sabrewulf
Up FK - Helipad Orchid
Up MK - Museum Fulgore
Up QK - Stonehenge Tusk
Down FP - Street TJ Combo
Down MP - Dungeon Gargos
Down QP - Bridge Jago
Down FK - Nothing
Down QK - Dojo Kim Wu
Down MK - Spinal Ship Spinal

Fulgore's Finisher:

Fulgore's Ultimate Combo Heavy Artillery:
F, B, DB, D, DF, F, [MK].

Glacius' Finisher:

Glacius' Ultimate Combo Ice Spear:
F, DF, D, DB, B, F, [MK].

Jago's Finisher:

Kim-Wu's Finisher:

Maya's Finisher:

More color:
At the players select screen, press Z,B,A,Z,A,L.

Orchard's Finisher:

Play like Gargos:
At the players select screen, press Z,A,R,Z,A,B.

Saberwulf's Finisher:
Hold [QP] Release [QP].

Sky stage:
To have the special sky stage as a vs. level when you pick your characters, both players hold down then press down C to choose your character.

Spinal's Finisher:

T. J. Combo's Finisher:
Hold F, then press; DF, D, DB, B, [FK].

Tusk's Finisher:
D,DF,F,D,DF,F, [MP].

Ultimate Combo Execution:
In order to use the finishing move in an Ultimate Combo, you must use it at the end of or during a combo. The finishing move of an Ultimate Combo eg. Glacius' Ice Spear kills the opponent instantly.

View High Scores Table:
If you would like to view the high scores screen, just press Z. On the main screen.