Kirby: Canvas Curse - Easy lives

Kirby: Canvas Curse - Easy lives
Easy lives:
You can earn nine lives on the Dash Jump mini-game by landing in the small space at the end. Land between 3300 and 3400 to earn nine lives. It is easiest with Meta Knight.

Extra Fifth Character:
To unlock an extra fifth character, insert the GBA game Kirby and the Amazing Mirror into the DS and load up your save file on Kirby DS. A message will pop up and now the extra character will be available.

Jump mini-game:
Successfully complete the game with all five characters to unlock the Jump Game selection next to the "Options" button at the main menu.

Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland music
Get 200 medals to be able to buy the music Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland for 50 medals.

Medal Swap bonuses
Collect the indicated number of medals to unlock the indicated Medal Swap bonus:

Bead Line: Six medals
Course 1-8: Nine medals each
King Dedede: Twenty medals
Life Boost: Seven medals
Life Boost: Twelve medals
Life Boost: Fourteen medals
Meta Knight: Twenty-five medals
Song One: Three medals
Song Three: Three medals
Song Two: Three medals
Tropic Line: Six medals
Zebra Line: Six medals

Alternate title screen:
Achieve a 100 game completion to turn the title screen blue

Sound test bonus tracks
Successfully complete the World Of Drawcia level with Kirby to unlock the following tracks under the sound test:

Track 40 Drawcia Demo
Track 41 Dracia Sorceress
Track 42 Drawcia Soul
Track 43 Ending Cinema
Track 44 Credits
Track 24 The World of Drawcia

Block Attack sub-game:
Complete Block Attack level 2 in Boss Games.

Cart Run sub-game:
Complete level 2 of Cart Run in Boss Games.

Paint Panic sub-game:
Complete level 2 of Paint Panic in Boss Games.