Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Find the Temple of Seasons

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Find the Temple of Seasons

Find the Temple of Seasons

When you burn the bushes to the forest which is heading east you'll run into this guy who is heading for the temple and go up one screen. Here's the trick. you'll try to follow him to where he can see you.when you first meet him he says hes heading for a temple and can't be seen. So when you start follow hide to where he can't see you and he'll take you to the Temple of Seasons

How to get special rings

Link up a connection cord to your gameboy.Make sure that the other gameboy has the game Zelda Oracle Of Seasons inside. Go to the red snake in the ring store. Talk to him. Then once you have connected to the other gameboy press B then A then A and then B again. Once your done that you will be able to go to a new land with rings everywhere

Hidden room

Whenever you get the rod of seasons go into the waterfall in front of you and push up

Extra ring

If you slay 1000 enemies the ring shop guy will give you an extra ring.

Secret room

In Horon village there's a place with a guy who wants a wooden bird. And if you go to the back of his house you could dig a stairs up.PS:You need the shovel wich you get in the house in Woods of winter.

Easy Money

Once you get bombs go to the historians home in Horon Village use it on the crack in the wall go to the cheat inside should be 20 ruppees. Also in Horon Village when it is fall and you have the Power Bracelet go to the southwest and youll find a chest pick the mushrooms up and you'll find 30 ruppees

Every Password

Tell all of these passwords to the people after you beat Onox if you are playing a password-linked game, tell all of these passwords to Farore.

Clockshop secret: njW Dig behind the clock shop and tell the password to the old guy.
Subrosian Smithy secret: nj/S Tell this to the Subrosian in the Smithy.
Pirate secret: ?mh9 Tell this to the Pirate in Subrosia
Deku secret: ?mhnleft arrow Tell this to the Deku scrub West of Sunken City.
Ruul secret: ?mh8 Tell this to Mayor Ruul.
Graveyard secret: ?mhm7 Go to the graveyard in Holodrum and go to the South West corner and dig behind the top second from the left tombstone and tell the password to the ghost.
Biggoron secret: njmY Tell this to Biggoron.
Subrosian secret: njtriangle Tell this to the Subrosian in C1 of Subrosia.
Diver Secret: ?mh:down arrow Tell this to the diver in Sunken City.
Temple secret: njq There should be a fairy in the back of the Temple of Seasons.

Extra ring

If you destroy 100 signs with ember seeds, with your seed satchel or slingshot, you will get a new ring This does nothing, although it does help you to finish your collection.

Blow the moblins to bits

Go to sunken city where the great moblin is making bombs throw a bomb at his stack run into a corner and wait everything should go white and blow up link will die press CONTINUE the moblin house will be just stumps