LEGO The Lord of the Rings

LEGO The Lord of the Rings LEGO The Lord of the Rings

Game Cheats:
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J4337V - Bilbo Baggins
R7XKDH - Easterling
A9FB4Q - Elrond (2nd Age)
AVJII1 - Gamling
LYQU1F - Ringwraith White


Elrond (2nd Age) - Get a 100% game completion to unlock Elrond (2nd Age)
Newborn Uruk-Hai - Get a 100% game completion to unlock Newborn Uruk-Hai.

... And away he goes, Precious! (Bronze) - Defeat Gollum as Gollum.
A link to the elements. (Bronze) - Craft the Fire and Ice Bows. (Single Player Only)
A Wizard should know better! (Bronze) - Complete 'Osgiliath'.
An expected journey. (Bronze) - Travel to Trollshaws as Bilbo.
Dance of the dead. (Bronze) - Turn an enemy into a skeleton and make them dance.
Delved too greedily... (Bronze) - Collect more than 10,000,000,000 studs. (Single Player Only)
Don't tell the Elf... (Bronze) - Throw Gimli 30 times.
Great! ...Where are we going? (Bronze) - Form The Fellowship of the Ring.
Here's a pretty thing! (Silver) - Craft every Mithril item. (Single Player Only)
I told you he was tricksy. (Silver) - Collect all the Red Bricks. (Single Player Only)
I'm glad to be with you. (Bronze) - Complete a level in co-op.
I've always been taller! (Bronze) - Use the Ent Draught on Pippin.
It won't be that easy! (Bronze) - During 'Prologue', jump into the fires of Mount Doom as Isildur.
It's a dangerous business... (Bronze) - Complete 'The Black Rider'.
It's gone. (Bronze) - Complete 'Mount Doom'.
Let's hunt some Orc! (Bronze) - Complete 'Amon Hen'.
My Precious... (Gold) - Collect all the Mithril Bricks. (Single Player Only)
Naughty little fly... (Bronze) - Complete 'The Secret Stairs'.
Not with 10,000 men... (Silver) - Unlock all characters. (Single Player Only)
Of all the inquisitive Hobbits. (Bronze) - Unlock all the Map Stones in Middle-earth. (Single Player Only)
On the Precious... (Bronze) - Complete 'Taming Gollum'.
One does not simply... (Bronze) - Walk into Mordor.
One Ring to build them all. (Platinum) - Collect every trophy.
Our only wish to catch a fish! (Bronze) - Fish perfectly 20 times by pressing the icon as it flashes.
Pointy-eared Elvish princeling. (Bronze) - Defeat 42 Uruk-hai as Legolas.
Ready for another adventure. (Silver) - Achieve True Adventurer in every level. (Single Player Only)
Return of the Mushroom King. (Bronze) - Equip Aragorn with the Mushroom Crown.
Safe is where I'll keep you. (Bronze) - Complete 'Track Hobbits'.
Soft and quick as shadows... (Bronze) - Complete 'The Dead Marshes'.
Stinking creatures... (Bronze) - Complete 'Warg Attack'.
Taking the Hobbits to Isengard. (Bronze) - Travel to Isengard as every playable Hobbit.
That is a rare gift. (Bronze) - Reach the top of Amon Hen without being caught once by Boromir. (Single Player Only)
That is no trinket you carry. (Bronze) - Complete 'Weathertop'.
That one counts as mine! (Bronze) - Finish one of Gimli's opponents as Legolas in 'Helm's Deep'.
That still only counts as one! (Bronze) - Defeat an Oliphaunt as Legolas.
The battle is about to begin... (Bronze) - Complete 'Helm's Deep'.
The long way around. (Bronze) - Complete 'The Pass of Caradhras'.
The Lord of the Ring. (Silver) - Complete the Bonus Level.
The strength of Men failed. (Bronze) - Complete 'Prologue'.
There and Back Again. (Gold) - Get 100%. (Single Player Only)
There's some good in this world. (Gold) - Complete all the Fetch Quests in Middle-earth. (Single Player Only)
They have been summoned. (Bronze) - Complete 'The Paths of the Dead'.
This day we fight! (Bronze) - Complete 'The Black Gate'.
This is no mine... it's a tomb. (Bronze) - Complete 'The Mines of Moria'.
We cannot linger. (Bronze) - Complete 'The Mines of Moria' in under 15 minutes.
We did it, Mr. Frodo. (Bronze) - Complete 'Cirith Ungol'.
What about second breakfast? (Bronze) - Complete 2 cooking puzzles.
Worth greater than the Shire. (Bronze) - Dress a character completely in treasure items.
You and whose army? (Bronze) - Complete 'The Battle of Pelennor Fields'.