LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean


Total votes: 43

Cheats Codes:

Ammand the Corsair - ew8t6t
Angelica (disguised) - dlrr45
Angry Cannibal - vgf32c
Blackbeard - d3dw0d
Clanker - zm37gt
Clubba - 644thf
Davy Jones - 4djlkr
Governor Weatherby Swann - ld9454
Gunner - y611wb
Hungry Cannibal - 64bnhg
Jack Sparrow - vdjspw
Jacoby - bwo656
Jimmy Legs - 13glw5
King George - rked43
Koehler - rt093g
Mistress Ching - gdetde
Phillip - wev040
Quartermaster - rx58hu
The Spaniard - p861jo
Twigg - kdlfkd

Easy 'Here There Be Monsters' Achievement:
You can get the 'Here There Be Monsters' Achievement easily at the start of the game by entering the water and swimming past the moss to get eaten by a shark.

Easy 'You're Off The Edge Of The Map' Achievement:
You can easily get the 'You're Off The Edge Of The Map' Achievement if you highlight the skull and crossbones on ALL 4 level select maps.

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