Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


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Guardian Corps - Have a FFXIII save on your PS3
Knight of Etro - Have a FFXIII-2 save on your PS3
Siegfried - Beat the boss in the demo and upload your score
Utsusemi - Download and play the Lightning Returns demo

Deliverer of Salvation – 15G
Proof of clearing 5 side quests. It is a fine beginning, but the journey is still long.

Angel of Salvation – 30G
Proof of clearing 25 side quests. It is a great feat to lead so many souls to salvation.

Seed Collector – 30G
Proof of a brave warrior who has managed to claim 50 soul seeds from the Chaos.

Perfect Passenger – 15G
Proof of riding upon all of the great monorail lines that cross this shrinking world.

Globetrotter – 15G
Proof of building strong bridges to span the depths between continents, making all the world one.

A Helping Hand – 15G
Proof of clearing 25 quests that have appeared writ on the Canvas of Prayers.

Novice Swordsmith – 10G
Proof of improving your first weapon. Did you make something worthy?

Novice Shieldsmith – 10G
Proof of improving your first shield. Use it wisely to guard yourself.

Novice Synthesist – 10G
Proof of synthesizing your first ability. Did it prove useful?

Novice Craftsman – 10G
Proof of upgrading your first accessory. Did you find the experience thrilling?

Novice Stylist – 10G
Proof of customizing your first schema. Continue on this path to find your own style.

Novice Artist – 10G
Proof of customizing the color of one of your garb. Let your true colors shine through.

Expert Swordsmith – 15G
Proof of modifying weapons 30 times.

Expert Shieldsmith – 15G
Proof of modifying shields 30 times.

Expert Synthesist – 15G
Proof of synthesizing abilities 30 times.

Expert Craftsman – 15G
Proof of upgrading accessories 30 times.

Expert Stylist – 15G
Proof of obtaining 30 different garb.

Hero of Might – 15G
Proof of victory over 100 foes in battle.

Hero of Glory – 15G
Proof of victory over 300 foes in battle.

Hero of Legend – 30G
Proof of victory over 500 foes in battle.

Fatal Impact – 30G
Proof of dealing damage so great that it goes beyond all reason or expectation.

Seeing Stars – 15G
Proof of staggering enemies 50 times with fearsome attacks. Do not ever let them rest!

Miracle of Light – 10G
Proof of one who has used 50 EP.

Perfect Timing – 15G
Proof of successfully guarding against an enemy’s attack with perfect timing.

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