Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - Unlock more Levels

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - Unlock more Levels

Unlock more Levels

To unlock bonus levels, complete the corresponding tasks:
Fanghorn: Beat the game with all characters.
Helm's Deep: Beat the game with any character.
Moria: Beat the game with any character.
Weathertop: Beat the game and collect all artifacts.

Get Sam

To unlock Sam, use the link cable to connect to the GameCube while the LOTR: Return of the King game is in the Cube. Sam will be unlocked for multiplayer.

Get Smeagol

To unlock Smeagol, beat the game with two characters. Smeagol will be available for play in the Helm's Deep and Moria levels, or in multiplayer.

Clone Items

In multiplayer, trade the item you want to copy to the other player. The player who receives the item saves his game and the one who gave the item does not. The giver reloads his character and will still have the item and so will his friend

More Strength

This trick can be used with Gimli, Aragorn, or Eowyn. First, make sure you have a shield and a two handed weapon equipped. Keep swiching them out and every time you switch them the damage you do will increaselook at the attribute screen to see how much damage you do. The damage you deal will eventualy go back to normal but you can repeat the trick as much as you want.

Saromans Palantir

When you reach Saroman with Gandalf do not kill him but walk behind him and up some stairs then turn to the left and open a chest to find Saromans Palantir.

XP Reverberation

While fighting through any stage, you will naturally accumulate experience. To double or re-double your XP gain, simply let your hero expire before the stage is over and you are forced to restart the stage.

The XP gained previously is kept, but the chance to play through the stage again to get more experience for higher levels is available.