Loren The Amazon Princess


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Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

A Free Man: Romance Amukiki with Saren.
Alone: End game without romance.
Alpha Golem: Defeat Khan at Hard level.
Animalist: Adopt Trouble.
Bad Company: Defeat Mother Morte.
Barbarian: Defeat Knul at Hard level.
Best Friend: 50 Friendly Answers.
Bloomed Flower: Romance Myth with Saren.
Champion: Chmapion of Orcs Arena.
Dark Love: Help Zeal.
Dark Magic: Romance Chambara with Saren.
Demon Killer: Kill Mesphit.
Diamond Hunter: Escape from diamond mines.
Forbidden Love: Romance Loren with Saren.
Formidable: Defeated Breza in a fight.
Free Karen: Found and saved Karen.
Goblin: Defeat Grob at Hard level.
It's Personal: Complete all character's quests.
Jokester: 50 Joking Answers.
Karen Hero: Defeat Fost with Karen.
Kingslayer: Defeat Zeal.
Let's Party: Recruit Sauzer, Mesphit, & Chambara.
Loren Hero: Defeat Fost with Loren.
My Pleasure: Romance Chambara with Elenor.
My Queen: Romance Karen with Elenor.
Next to You: Romance Mesphir with Saren.
Player Hero: Defeat Fost with Saren or Elenor.
Powerful: Reach 50 Strength.
Skillful: Reach 50 Skill.
Succubus: Defeat Jul at Hard level.
The Beauty & The Beast: Romance Mesphir with Elenor.
The Gladiator: Romance Amukiki with Elenor.
The Oath: Romance Rei with Elenor.
The Princess: Romance Loren with Elenor.
Tough Guy: 50 Forceful Answers.
Undeceivable: Surviv Fost's Trial with all party members.
Van Helsing: Kill the vampires.
Vanquished: Saved Aravorn from evil.
Willful: Reach 50 Will.
Your Hero: Romance Draco with Saren.

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