Maple Story - Flip the screen

Maple Story - Flip the screen
Flip the screen:
Ctrl Alt Arrow Up - Turns your screen right side up
Ctrl Alt Arrow Down - Turns your screen upside down

Extremely easy cash:
Ok first. u go to the warrior town called perion. then u go threw the portal on the east side of town. then u keep going until u fall. there will be a long rope. but DO NOT go up it. then there will be a dungeon door rite next to it. after u see the door. u need to go threw. then wen u get threw it u will see it has 3 floors. go to any of them. and a ton of high lvs will not pick up there gold and items,etc. but beware i recomend u are AT LEAST lvl 10 before u go there. becus there are wild boars and axe stumps.

Infinite money:
If you are short on mesos and have some time to spare you could try this trick.First, you create a new character. Roll the dice so that its STR is high. Start training but don't buy equipment. As job advancement take warrior and continue training until you reach lvl 15. By now you will have gathered a lot of money. Store it with Mr. Wang, or one of his brothers, it doesn't matter which one. Now, switch back to your original character and collect the money from Mr. Wang.
NOTE: You have to make the character on the same server or the trick won't work