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Cheat mode:
Enter one of he following codes at the indicated screen to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Some of the codes may need to be used multiple times before they have any effect. Also, enabling codes by not allow achievements to be unlocked.

Go to a S.H.E.I.L.D. save zone and select "Change Team". Delete all selected characters by pressing X. Once all of your team slots are empty, press Left2, Right2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Start. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: This code may also be enabled at the main menu.
Stutchy and Mike Y.

Alternately, collect the five Daredevil action figures. One is found in each Act.

Silver Surfer:
Go to a S.H.E.I.L.D. save zone and select "Change Team". Delete all selected characters by pressing X. Once all of your team slots are empty, press Down, Left2, Up, Right, Up, Down, Left, Start. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: This code may also be enabled at the main menu.

Alternately, complete all Comic missions.

All characters:
Press Up2, Down2, Left3, Start at a S.H.E.I.L.D. save zone menu or the main menu.

All powers:
Press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Start at a S.H.E.I.L.D. save zone menu or the main menu.

All costumes:
Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Start at a S.H.E.I.L.D. save zone menu or the main menu.

The Courses:
Press Up, Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Start at the simulator terminal screen where you choose a Comic Book mission.

All comic book covers:
Press Left, Right2, Left, Up2, Right, Start at the Review menu.

All concept art:
Press Down3, Right2, Left, Down, Start at the Review menu.

All cinematics:
Press Up, Left2, Up, Right2, Up, Start at the Review menu.

All wallpapers:
Press Up, Down, Right, Left, Up2, Down, Start at the Review menu.

Press Left, Right2, Left, Up, Down2, Up, Start during game play. Your extreme attack will always be available with no energy cost.

God Mode:
Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Start during game play.

Touch of Death:
Press Left, Right, Down2, Right, Left, Start during game play.

Super Speed:
Press Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Start during game play.

100,000 Gold Coins:
Press Up3, Left, Right, Left, Start at the team menu or hero management screen.

Level 30 team:
Press Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right, Start at the team menu.

Black Panther:
Collect the five Black Panther action figures. One is found in each Act.

Win the toy grab mini-game in the Carnival at Murderworld.

Dr. Strange:
Save Dr. Strange in Mandarin's Palace.

Ghost Rider:
Trade places with Ghost Rider in Hell in order to save his soul

Nick Fury:
Successfully complete the game.

Hard mode:
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.

Second and third alternate costumes:
Gain between two and four levels with a character. Alternately, defeat 30 enemies with a character to unlock his or her second costume. Defeat 175 enemies with a character to unlock his or her second costume.

Fourth alternate costume:
Complete the Combat Training challenge for a character. Alternately, get a "Bronze" rank in a character's Comic Mission to unlock his or her fourth costume.

Easy Scared Of Heights and Widowmaker achievements:
Play the Galactus Boss battle. When he slams his fists and swipes at you, it does not hurt at all and you will get back up immediately. You are up on a ledge and his Punishers do not stop respawning. You can just grab and throw them off in either direction. To avoid being caught in his hand and button tapping, go on the left side of the screen on that corner.

Iron Man Comic mission:
When you get to the end of the mission to battle Ultimo, run back to the door you came in. Ultimo is so big he cannot pass the edge of the room he is in. You can just sit back and hit him with your ranged attacks. Then when needed, fly in and collect the health and energy vials he drops.

Completing the Comic missions:
To complete all the Comic missions easily and unlock Silver Surfer and get gold at the same time, wait and play all the missions at the end of the game when your characters have leveled up and have decent powers. If some are still to difficult to complete, do some Versus mode missions with those characters to level them up, or to pick up some Shield Tokens to add to their costume.

Hard mode:
Do not be afraid of the hard difficulty setting. When you start a game under hard mode, you can load your characters from a previously saved game. For example, if you have a level 50 Wolverine from normal mode, you can start the game with him and all his powers, gear, and costumes that you have gained. It also adds five more dots to level up your powers with. If you have one maxed out in normal mode, there is even more room for improvement.

Easy experience and money:
When lighting the candles in Mephisto's Realm, there is an area where you are meant to throw the demon jumpers into the fire to lower the pedestal. If you stand in by the edges of the level where the jumpers respawn, you can kill as many as desired. Try this as Spider-Man or any rapid fire projectile user. The enemies constantly drop money and energy refills. If one walks too far away, hopefully your teammates will chase after them and you can use the momentum move to wipe them out. Do this for easy experience and money.

Character specific items:
When picking up character specific items, such as "Iron Man's Coil", it is described as doing 3 Damage and 3 Rocket Uppercut. This is not 3 to damage for the hit; it means that it adds three dots in the Powers area. With this single item you can go from 129 Damage to 289 Damage. Character specific gear are thus very valuable.

Recommended team:
Use the following trick to make a hard to kill team. Make a team consisting of Wolverine, Blade, Ghost Rider, and Luke Cage the Bad To the Bone team. The team bonus will be that 5 of all damage will regained as health. Also, all these characters have a way to regenerate health. Equip he following outfits. For Wolverine, Astonishing, Max Out Health Regen and Defense. For Blade, Ultimate, Max Out Health Regen and Defense. For Luke Cage, New Avengers, Max out Health Regen and Defense. For Ghost Rider, Original, Max out Resurrect Ally and Defense. It is also recommended that Ghost Rider be equipped with The Heart of Mephisto 10 of attack damage turned into health or a similar item because he is the only character without a Health Regen. Equip other characters with gear that increases defense or dodging capabilities. Not only will your team be difficult to hurt, but they will be absorbing and regenerating most of the damage they take. If a teammate dies, Ghost Rider will have a 50 chance of resurrecting them. Note that Ghost Rider is the weak point. He does not regenerate, and if he dies resurrection is lost. Also, Wolverine will regenerate the fastest because he has an inherit ability to regenerate in addition to the suit's bonus.

For easy money, health, energy, Extreme Momentum Orbs, and experience for leveling. make a team consisting of Luke Cage, Elektra, and Dr. Strange. When they each have a full Momentum bar, get a group of enemies around you. Then, use the power. Elektra will stun all enemies with her Curse of the Hand. Then Dr. Strange uses his Mystic Maelstrom to kill all stunned enemies, causing them to drop Extreme Momentum Orbs for each enemy killed. Then, Luke Cage uses his Sweet Christmas to kill any of the remaining enemies, giving you 472 more money for each enemy killed in the attack sequence. This trick is especially useful for leveling characters, unlocking costumes, and maxing out stats. The best place to do this is in the Shield training simulator on the Thunderball mission. Even if you run out of time you will still get the levels and money; do not worry about killing the Boss. Just get your momentum on Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, and Elektra.

Wrong subtitle:
During the missions is Asgard you may talk to Weasle after completing one of the two missions available. Weasle will be in the Hall of Heroes. After he talks to you, talk to him by pressing X. When you ask him about the Ex mansion, the subtitle reads "Makes me wish I was a mutant. They've got everything here - tennis courts, a pool, and a subbasement full of hi-tech gear" however the voice artist clearly says "They've got everything there", which would be the correct way to say it

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Mandarin's Downfall 45 points: The evil Mandarin was crushed by the forces of good.

Mephisto's Defeat 45 points: Mephisto was struck down.

The Trickster 45 points: Loki was defeated.

The Power Cosmic 45 points: The mighty Galactus was toppled.

Doomed Ending 45 points: Dr. Doom was utterly defeated.

Scarlet Swashbuckler 30 points: Daredevil was unlocked as a playable hero.

Wakandan Royalty 30 points: Black Panther was unlocked as a playable hero.

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 30 points: Nick Fury was unlocked as a playable hero.

Surfs Up 30 points: Silver Surfer was unlocked as a playable hero.

Dragon Slayer 15 points: Fin Fang Foom was defeated.

Blue Screen of Death 15 points: M.O.D.O.K was defeated.

Underwater Battle 15 points: Tigershark and Attuma were defeated.

Swimming with the Fish 15 points: The mighty Kraken was defeated.

Defeated Grey Gargoyle 15 points: Grey Gargoyle was defeated.

Game Over 15 points: Arcade was defeated.

Son of a Devil 15 points: Blackheart was defeated.

The Executioner's Blade 15 points: Executioner and Enchantress were defeated.

Giant Relief 15 points: Ymir fell to the forces of good.

Warrior's Path 15 points: Gladiator was defeated.

Deathbird's Defeat 15 points: Deathbird was crushed.

Titanic Victory 15 points: Titannus was defeated.

The following 12 achievements require the Xbox 360 exclusive expansion.

Gamma Garb 20 points: Unlocked all the outfits for the Hulk.

Archer Apparel 20 points: Unlocked all the outfits for Hawkeye.

Optic Outfits 20 points: Unlocked all the outfits for Cyclops.

Teleport Threads 20 points: Unlocked all the outfits for Nightcrawler

Doom's Duds 20 points: Unlocked all the outfits for Doom.

Magnetic Regalia 20 points: Unlocked all the outfits for Magneto.

Symbiote Skins 20 points: Unlocked all the outfits for Venom.

Creed's Cloth 20 points: Unlocked all the outfits for Sabretooth.

Mutant Love 20 points: Cyclops has spoken with Jean.

Doppelgnger 25 points: Doom has spoken with himself.

Wrong Claws 25 points: Sabretooth has been mistaken for Wolverine.

Fleeting Allies 20 points: Magneto has spoken to Xavier.

Additionally, there are 25 secret achievements:

Fledgling Super Hero 5 points: Defeated 10 enemies.

Legendary Super Hero 15 points: Defeated 100 enemies.

The Ultimate Super Hero 50 points: Defeated 4,000 enemies.

Pugilist 5 points: Performed 5 Finishing Moves.

Melee Master 15 points: Performed 50 Finishing Moves.

Touch of Death 30 points: Performed 200 Finishing Moves.

Battle Tested 5 points: Win 1 Arcade mode Level.

Battle Hardened 15 points: Win 20 Arcade mode Levels.

Mad Skillz 30 points: Win 3 Arcade mode levels consecutively.

Teh Mast3r 25 points: Win 15 Arcade mode levels consecutively.

The Destroyer 25 points: Win 100 Arcade mode levels.

I Have A Friend 5 points: Complete a level with at least one other player.

Super Hero Team 15 points: Complete 25 levels with at least one other player.

Teamwork 5 points: Complete one level with three other players.

Ultimate Team Alliance 15 points Complete 25 levels with three other players.

Marvel Geek 5 points: Answer 15 Trivia questions correctly.

Marvel Master 10 points: Answer 150 Trivia questions correctly.

Comic God 15 points: Answer 20 Trivia questions correctly in a row.

Fall to Death 10 points: Threw 5 enemies off a ledge.

Scared of Heights 20 points: Throw 50 enemies off a ledge.

Widowmaker 30 points: Throw 500 enemies off a ledge.

Good Samaritan 20 points: Completed Skrull Cityscape level without defeating a single enemy.

Golden Age of Comics 30 points: Attained Gold on all Comic missions.

Dressed for Success 45 points: Unlocked all the outfits for every hero.

Excelsior 50 points: Complete Marvel: Ultimate Alliance in Hard mode.

Team bonuses:
Create a team with the indicated characters to receive the corresponding bonus.

Agents of Shield Captain America, Nick Fury, Spider-Woman, Wolverine: 5 to all resistances.

Agile Warriors Spider-Man, DD, Elektra, Deadpool, Black Panther: 10 reduced energy cost

Air Force Thor, Storm, Human Torch, Ms. Marvel: 15 maximum health

Alternate Identities: Phantom Rider, War Machine, Sharon Ventura, Secret Wars Spider-Woman, Beta Ray Bill: 5 Criticals

Assassins Wolverine, Deadpool, Blade, Electra: 60 increase to S.H.I.E.L.D. credit drops

Avengers Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman: 5 damage

Bad To The Bone Blade, Ghost Rider, Luke Cage, Wolverine: 5 damage inflicted goes to health

Bruisers Luke Cage, Captain America, Thing, Colossus, Ms. Marvel: 15 Striking

Classic Avengers Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther: 15 maximum energy

Dark Past Blade, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Spider-Woman: 5 XP

Defenders Iceman, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer: 5 damage inflicted goes to health

Double Date Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Black Panther, Storm: 5 Health regeneration

Fantastic Four Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing: 20 health per KO.

Femme Fatale Any four females:5 damage

Flashback Classic Iceman, WWII Captain America, Original Daredevil, Classic Iron Man, Original Ms. Marvel, Classic Wolverine, Original Ghost Rider: 15 Max Health

Martial Artists Black Panther, Captain America, Daredevil, Nick Fury: 15 Striking

Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Black Panther, Luke Cage: 6 to all stats

Marvel Royalty Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Thor, Storm: 60 Credit Drop

Natural Forces Human Torch, Iceman, Storm, Thor: 5 Damage inflicted as health gain.

Natural Leaders Captain America, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic, Nick Fury, Storm: 5 XP

New Avengers Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, Wolverine: 5 to All resistances

New Fantastic Four Wolverine, Luke Cage, Ghost Rider, and Spider Man: 15 maximum energy

Power Platoon Ms. Marvel, Silver Surfer, Thor, Iron Man: 20 energy per KO.

Raven Ultimates Silver Surfer, Thing, Colossus, Iceman, Deadpool, Moon Knight: 6 to all stats

Scorchers Ghost Rider, Human Torch, Storm, Thor: 10 reduced power cost

Supernatural Blade, Dr. Strange, Thor, Ghost Rider: 5 Health regeneration

The Bad To The Bone Wolverine, Luke Cage, Ghost Rider, and Blade: 5 damage inflicted as health gain

Think Tanks Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Dr. Strange: 15 maximum health

X-Men Storm, Iceman, Colossus, Logan: 15 maximum energy

The following team bonuses require the Xbox 360 exclusive Heroes/Villains expansion.
Stutch and Anthony Skatz.

Met His Maker: Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom, Magneto, Hawkeye: 6 to all traits

Natural Leaders Dr. Doom, Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Strange, Cyclops, Storm, Magneto Nick Fury: 5 Experience

Rogues Gallery Dr. Doom, Sabretooth, Venom. and Magneto: 10 reduced power cost

Shaba Ultimates Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Hulk, Hawkeye, Dr Doom, Sabretooth, Venom, and Magneto: 15 boost to total energy

Also, along with the current X-Men members in the game, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Sabertooth, and Magneto can also be used in conjunction with other X-Men to form the "X-Men" stable and get the same 15 Max Energy Boost.

The following original team bonuses can have substitute characters with the Xbox 360 exclusive Heroes/Villains expansion, as folllows. For example, Sabertooth is playable in "Bad to the Bone". Hawkeye, at least, is also interchangeable with Moon Knight or Colossus.

Agile Warriors Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Deadpool, Elektra, Nightcrawler

Avengers Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye

Bad to the Bone Luke Cage, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Blade, Hulk, Sabretooth

Bruisers Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Thing, Luke Cage, Colossus

Classic Avengers Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther

Defenders Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, Iceman, Luke Cage, Hulk

Martial Artists Black Panther, Moon Knight, Nick Fury, Captain America, Daredevil, Nightcrawler

Marvel Royalty Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Storm, Thor, Dr. Doom

Natural Leaders Mr. Fantastic, Captain America, Nick Fury, Storm, Dr. Strange, Cyclops, Magneto, Dr. Doom

New Fantastic Four Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Hulk, Luke Cage

Rogues Gallery Venom, Dr. Doom, Magneto, Sabretooth

Weapons Specialists Blade, Captain America, Deadpool, Elektra, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Nightcrawler

X-Men Cyclops, Iceman, Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Magneto, Sabretooth

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