Maximo: Ghosts To Glory - Get Art Gallery

Maximo: Ghosts To Glory - Get Art Gallery

Get Art Gallery

Get the Sorceress kiss at the end of each level. Put 4 of them in the power-up position and at the end of the game you have the gallery.

Mastery mode

If you complete the game the game with 1oo mastery you unlock mastery mode, I think this is an extra hard version of the game to play.

Beat the First 2 Bosses

Boss 1 Ghastly Gus:keep yourself at a medium distance away from him, and when he uses the shockwave attack,run in and us down strike twice he will the fall over and you can hit himhaving the "mighty Blow" ability will make this fight a lot easier

Boss 2 Bokkor La Bas:when you first see him he wont attack. just move around a bit and he will shrink you. when your tiny he will try to stomp you but hes slow so its easy to dogde. After a bit of stomping he will step on his own trap and he will multiplythers more of him each time he does it.Dont wait to start attacking, cause it will be alot easier if you get em' all together. the Real Bokkor is the one you haven't destroyed, whack him to do damage. The Fights not much Different after this but first he willsend out little dollsharmlessand shoot fire canget hard when he shrinks you and the dolls chase you cause there faster. Dont try to kill them when Maximo is big cause Bokkors fireballs will hit. All in All this isnt that difficult.

More Death Coins

Everybody knows the little blue fairies in Maximo and the tombstones or artifacts the are hidden in. If you gain 50 you'll get a death coin. Here's how to get a lot of them. First slash the artifact with the square buttonnormal slash you'll get 2 fairy's now. But if you then jump on it wit your sword down Jump Jump overhead slash You'll get another three instead of the usual 2 or 4. This means per 10 tombstones/artifacts you can get a death coin.

Invincibility for 20 seconds

First, you must get full armor. Next, you must search for another armor piece. Once you take it, you will be invincible for 20 seconds. When 20 seconds is up, you will return to your full armor. You can do this cheat as much as you want, just whenever you have full armor.

Unlock Level 31

Get a 100 percent mastery on the game by defeating all the enemies and opening all the chests including hidden chests.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Infinite Armor CE99281E BCA99B93
Infinite Jumps CE992FFE BCA99B83
Infinite Shield CE99283E BCA99B8D
Infinite Sword Energy CE99283A BCA99B97
Infinite Time Super Armor CE992800 BCA9DF16
99 Death Coins CE992836 BCA99BE6
99 Iron Keys CE99282A BCA99BE6
99 Lives CE992826 BCA99BE6
999 Koins CE992822 BCA99E6A
999 Spirits CE99282E BCA99E6A
Always Have Gold Key CE9928C2 BCA99B84
Armageddon on Weapon-Up CE992812 BCA99B87
Boxers on Armor-Up CE99281A BCA99B83
Flame Tongue on Weapon-Up CE992812 BCA99B84
Frost Biter on Weapon-Up CE992812 BCA99B85
Helmet on Armor-Up CE99281A BCA99B85
Pure Blade on Weapon-Up CE992812 BCA99B86
Super Armor on Armor-Up CE99281A BCA99B86