Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker


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Unlock in-game T-Shirts:
Enter one of the following codes at the Extras -> Network -> Enter passcode screen. (you need a PSN account)

Code- Result:
2000016537833 - Big Boss face a la Che shirt (Red)
2000016756791 - Big Boss face a la Che shirt (White)
2000016032758 - Black T-Shirt with Big Boss text
2000016032390 - Black T-Shirt with Peace Walker text
2000016038415 - Black T-Shirt with White Peace Walker Logo
2000016036022 - Gray T-Shirt with Coffee Cup art design
2000016032567 - Gray T-Shirt with MSF logo
2000016032574 - Gray T-Shirt with MSF Logo
2000016032338 - Gray T-Shirt with Snake Art at the Back
2000016032635 - Navy Blue T-Shirt with MSF logo
2000016035902 - Olive T-Shirt with Snake Art
2000016038576 - Plain Tan T-Shirt
2000016032680 - White T-Shirt with Big Boss text
2000016035933 - White UNIQLO T-Shirt (unknown design)

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