Metroid Prime: Hunters - First Hunt Demo - Get movie

Metroid Prime: Hunters - First Hunt Demo - Get movie

Get movie

First you must complete the game. After the screen that says "TOUCH HERE TO START" there is a blinking hexagon. Touch it then it will say "Play Movie?" press yes and watch the movie.

NOTE: To unlock the hidden preview video, simply get a high score on each mode not the highest score, just a high score. After the third high score is in, you will see a "Play Movie" button on the touch screen. After watching the movie, it is accessed by tapping the new glowing dot on the title screen.


When playing "Survival" mode, you do not score until you miss an enemy. Your score at that point will be the square of the number of enemies killed since you missed last, plus your current score, if you haven't missed yet your current score will be zero of course. Score = Kills x Kills Current Score.

The scoring method in "Regulator" is similar, but multiplied by 10. Score = Kills x Kills x 10 Current Score. Once again, if you have not missed in the round, your score will be 0 until you miss.

In "Morphball" the scoring is the same as in "Regulator" but with the ball power ups as the objective instead of kills. Score = Balls x Balls Current score.