Monopoly Streets

Monopoly Streets


Winner (Bronze)
Objective: Win your first game of MONOPOLY Streets

Lucky Three (Bronze)
Objective: Rolled Triples

Building the Empire (Bronze)
Objective: Won 10 offline games

No Ground Untouched (Bronze)
Objective: Player has built 100 houses

Expensive Property (Bronze)
Objective: Acquire the most expensive property in the game

Eviction Notice (Bronze)
Objective: Replaced your houses with a hotel

Bypass Bail (Bronze)
Objective: Rolled doubles to get out of Jail for free

Needs a New Challenge (Bronze)
Objective: Successfully won against 3 hard AI

Philanthropist (Bronze)
Objective: Completed a trade that gave another player a color group

Flea Market (Bronze)
Objective: Bought a property cheaply

Celebrating 75 (Bronze)
Objective: Acquired your 75th property

Repeat Offender (Bronze)
Objective: Went to jail for the 3rd time in one game

Glad its not my Bill (Bronze)
Objective: Received 120 on a Utility rent

Better than Free (Bronze)
Objective: Received more than 200 when landing on Free Parking

I Like Trains (Bronze)
Objective: Own all the railroads

Great Start (Bronze)
Objective: Someone pays you rent before your second turn

Market Inflator (Bronze)
Objective: Get an opponent to pay double the price during an auction

Now that is ROI (Bronze)
Objective: Collect more than a 1000 in rent

I'm Keeping this Card (Bronze)
Objective: Player paid to get out of Jail when they had a Get out of Jail Free Card

Tax Audit Nightmare! (Bronze)
Objective: Paid 1200 in Taxes in one game

Doesn't hurt much (Bronze)
Objective: Paid the smallest rent in an online game

Plays Nicely with Others (Bronze)
Objective: Finished an online game

Better Luck Next Time (Bronze)
Objective: Bankrupted another player online

I Want a Rematch (Bronze)
Objective: Lost to another player online

How We Played Back in my Day (Bronze)
Objective: Finished an online game using custom house rules

Next Rung on the Ladder (Bronze)
Objective: Bankrupted a higher ranked player

Subdivision (Silver)
Objective: Player has built 500 houses

Mega-Tycoon (Silver)
Objective: Finished a game with total worth greater than 9000

Quick Win (Silver)
Objective: Won a game in under 20 minutes

Property Magnate (Silver)
Objective: Own 3 color groups at once

This Plan is Better (Silver)
Objective: Completed a trade that gave you a color group

Rolled a 15 (Silver)
Objective: Player rolled a 15

Hotel Maximus (Silver)
Objective: See the bank run out of hotels in a game with Official MONOPOLY rules

All Your Eggs in One Basket (Silver)
Objective: The only properties owned are part of a single color group

I can do this without Houses (Silver)
Objective: In an online game, own all the railroads and utilities

Taking Over the World (Silver)
Objective: 10 online game wins

So Big and Shiny (Gold)
Objective: Get the largest upgrade to your corporate HQ

Rainbow (Gold)
Objective: Own one of each color group at the same time

Concierge Service (Gold)
Objective: Provide the best Hotel Service on the most expensive property without a player going bankrupt

Auctioneer (Gold)
Objective: Player has won 50 online auctions

Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
Objective: Win all trophies