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When doing the trainting levels on MotoGP on the Xbox, instead of starting stright from just behind the line, spin round and drive a way back. Then sprint across the line instead......Gives anything between 1 and about 5 seconds extra time as the clock does not start 'til you cross the start line.

Also, the track that has the skidpan on it also has a castle in it. if you slow down and go down the path in front of the castle, you can drive down to the basement...
Submitted by Psychohol

Easy seasons and races under the hard difficulty setting

The solution to winning hard seasons is to get the 2 bike by winning the challenges. The way you get the bike is by taking the challenges that have a photo card. If you complete these, you will have won the 2 bike. Although the game gives the impression that the longer the race, the better off you are in the possibility of winning, this is false. All hard arcade races, seasons, etc. should be set to only 2 laps. The races are short, but the racers gear themselves for a 2 lap race, which can be used to your advantage. Before you begin your arcade race or season, set the 2 bike up correctly. Go to "Settings" and use the following values:

Transmission: Set to only 2 notches
Brakes: Set to maximum
Handling: Set to maximum
Acceleration: Set to maximum

Once you have these settings, you will win every arcade race, and will come in first for seasons you have to race. If you place second in a couple of races, you will still win the season. All challenges from here on in become relatively easy.


Going in to the s turns do about 85 and u can jump thim giving u a 5 or6 second leed.
Submitted by jeremy

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