MX vs ATV Unleashed - Cheat Codes

MX vs ATV Unleashed - Cheat Codes
Cheat Codes
Enter any of the following codes at the Cheat Codes option in the Options menu. Code:
TOOLAZY Unlock Everything
BigBore Unlock 500cc Bike Class
MiniMoto Unlock 50cc Bike Class
Couches Unlock all ATVs
Brapp Unlock all Bikes
LeadFoot Unlock all Machines Challenge Tracks
PitPass Unlock all Tracks
HuckIt Unlock All Freestyle Tracks
NotMoto Unlock All Open Class Tracks
GoOutside Unlock all National Tracks
IAMTOOGOOD Unlock Pro Physics
Wannabe Unlock all Pro Riders
GoInside Unlock All Supercross Tracks
BrokeAsAJoke 1 Million Store Points
Wardrobe Unlock All Gear

Unlimited Demolition Derby:
Go to free class racing, pick any monster truck then put your opponents on golf carts. Go to redwoods practice, when you get to the end you'll be having a unlimited demolition derby

Backflip hint:
Well, your BackFlip, you've used it so many times that it gets you 3 points. You can stop that by doing a trick flip. Start the usual BackFlip, double backflip if nessesary and right after you lift off in the air and start doing the back flip, do any trick, and you will get a higher score. Not only will you get more points for doing a combo, you get double the points. WHen it starts getting you low points, try another trick