Need for Speed: Shift

Need for Speed: Shift



Trial By Fire
Objective: Complete the NFS Live Pre-Race Event

One Small Step
Objective: Win you first event

Road to Success
Objective: Reach Tier 2

Driving Rookie
Objective: Reach Driver Level 2

Driving Amateur
Objective: Reach Driver Level 5

Driving Semi-Pro
Objective: Reach Driver Level 10

Bronze Earner
Objective: Earn 5 Bronze Badges

Bronze Hunter
Objective: Earn 10 Bronze Badges

Bronze Collector
Objective: Earn 15 Bronze Badges

Bronze Master
Objective: Earn 20 Bronze Badges

Silver Earner
Objective: Earn 5 Silver Badges

Silver Hunter
Objective: Earn 10 Silver Badges


Chance of a Lifetime
Objective: Reach Tier 3

Driving Pro
Objective: Reach Driver Level 20

Driving Veteran
Objective: Reach Driver Level 30

Driving Hero
Objective: Reach Driver Level 40

Silver Collector
Objective: Earn 15 Silver Badges

Silver Master
Objective: Earn 20 Silver Badges

Gold Earner
Objective: Earn 5 Gold Trophies

Gold Hunter
Objective: Earn 10 Gold Badges

Gold Collector
Objective: Earn 15 Gold Badges

Gold Master
Objective: Earn 20 Gold Badges

Epic Earner
Objective: Earn 5 Epic Badges

Epic Hunter
Objective: Earn 10 Epic Badges


The Final Countdown
Objective: Reach Tier 4

NFS Live World Champion
Objective: Win the NFS Live World Championship

Driving Legend
Objective: Reach Driver Level 50

Epic Collector
Objective: Earn 15 Epic Badges

Epic Master
Objective: Earn 20 Epic Badges


Platinum Trophy
Objective: Unlocked all of Need for Speed: SHIFT�s trophies