NFL Gameday 2004 - How to get a super created wide out

NFL Gameday 2004 - How to get a super created wide out

How to get a super created wide out

If you want to get a super created wide out, do as i say. go to season and start it with anybody, then go to team management, then to front office, then create player. then a screen will pop up and it will say
"create player"
"super player"
pick super player. then you do whatever you want him to look like. then it'll pop up something else that will have "RUNNING" and below it'll say 2 players. press right to go to receiving. then pick for speed randy moss by going down then right until the end. your speed will be 99. then for hands go down and go to the right until you get to Terrell Owens. your hands will be 99.


Stadiums -- Password

Old Carolina -- CAROL

Good Ol' Day -- SEPLA TONE

Unknown -- Emerald

Old Chicago -- WINDY CITY

Little mode

At the main menu hold L1, and R1 and Down, Down, Up, Left, Left, Right. Now pick a team and you should have little players on any team.

Stadium Passwords

On the matchup screen of a Preseason game, press SQUARE to go to Preseason Options. Press L1 to Toggle the Home Team as defaut stadium. Then scroll to the stadium you want to unlock their text is red. Enter the following codes to unlock stadia:
Old Carolina: CAROL
Good Ol' Days: SEPIA TONE