NHL 19

NHL 19 NHL 19 NHL 19 NHL 19

Winning Faceoffs:
In NHL 19 you can still bait your opponent. If you line up on your backhand and then do the backhand stick lift you will beat your opponents tie-up if they are still in the habit of doing that from NHL 18.

Speed Burst:
When you see your stamina is low you need to hold off on speed burst whenever possible and only use it when you can take advantage of opponents who have used all of theirs.

Last Man:
You can switch to your last man by holding down RT and pulling back on the right analog stick. This is done almost instantly without no delay unlike in prevous games in the franchise where you had to hold down a button for a couple seconds.

Switching Players:
In NHL 19, you can hold down RT and then use the right analog stick to point in the direction of the player you want to switch too. This new feature can be tricky and may take a little bit of practice to get fast at it.

Stamina Bar:
In the World of Chel modes there is a stamina bar which it is important that you keep an eye on as you need to manage your players's energy. Failing to do so can make a big difference to the performance of your player who will be much slower and less agile. When your player is completely out of stamina your trait and specialty bonuses are taken away until you recover some energy back.

Practice Vision Control:
Vision Control is L2 on the controller and holding it down without the puck will make your player square up with the puck. Holding L2 down with the puck will make your player skate backwards towards your opponent, which means you are protecting the puck. Keep practicing with this feature so you get used to the sensitivity and how it affects your players's angle and movement such as little half turns. Also use it to work your edges.

Tripping Penalty:
Just like in real life NHL if you connect with the puck first, a follow through into the legs shouldn’t cause a penalty.

If you are in the penalty area and your poke-check needs to go through the opponent's legs at all to get to the puck then do not attempt a poke-check. It is almost an automatic penalty.