No More Room in Hell


Total votes: 35

Cheats Mode:
At the 'Main' menu select 'Advanced' followed by 'Enable Developer Console' and type 'sv_cheats 1' (without the quotes) when the console window appears to enable cheat mode when 'Create a Server' is selected. If you now enter the following codes at the console window the corresponding effect will become enabled.

Increase Number of Items you can Carry:
Type 'inv_maxcarry (number)'

Mimics Spectator Mode:
Type 'noclip'

Spawn ALL Weapons:
Type 'impulse 101'

Toggle A.I.:
Type 'ai_disable'

Easy "One Free Man" achievement:
Crowbars are common melee weapons that are found in various locations. Drop your
current melee weapon and collect a crowbar when one is found. To easily kill
zombies with it, hold the Mouse Button for a few seconds and aim for your target's head. After any hit with the crowbar, quickly press V to shove it away to avoid getting grabbed.

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