Pandemonium - The following must be entered at the password screen


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The following must be entered at the password screen:

Code Effect
BODYSWAP Body Swap. Press Square to change characters in the middle of a level.
CASHDASH Bonus Screen after each level.
CORONARY Extra hearts
VITAMINS 31 lives
EVILDEAD Immortal enemies
HARDBODY Invincibility
INANDOUT Just visiting
OTTOFIRE Permanent weapon
TOMMYBOY Play the pinball game at the end of the level.
BORNFREE Select any level
THETHING Hold L2 and press the M to cycle through several varients of your character. Press L2 X to return to your normal state.
TWISTEYE Hold L1 L2 and move the Dpad Left and Right to rotate the screen. Push Down to center your screen.
ALMABHOL Access all levels.

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