Panzerjagd - Password Missionbr


Total votes: 80
Password Mission:

1. Desert Storm
Wasserloch 2. Sabotage
Saboteur 3. Bridgehead
Kampfstoff 4. Minefield
Sirene 5. Enemy Offensive
Desaster 6. Firebird

NOTE: Mission 1 Desert Storm does not have nor need a password.
Also, be aware the Free Game Mode maps are already fully accessible.

1. Start the game.
2. Select Campaign.
3. Select a locked Mission.
Game Map with Mission Numbers to help you determine which password to use
layout is similar to the actual map in-game:

1 3 5 6
2 4

4. Enter your code.
5. The mission is unlocked. Enjoy.

-from TNT

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